BMC Remedy Action Request System

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BMC Remedy Action Request System
Developer(s) BMC Software
Stable release
9.1 / April 2015
Operating system MS Windows; AIX, HP-UX, GNU/Linux, Solaris
Type software application development environment
License Proprietary

BMC Remedy Action Request System (ARS) is a proprietary application server developed initially by Remedy Corp and acquired by BMC Software in 2002. It is best known as being part of the BMC Remedy IT Management Suite, a set of applications that runs over ARS.

ARS architecture[edit]

ARS main component is the AR Server, that executes the workflow rules and performs the main tasks. AR Server is accompanied by a set of services like Atrium Integration Engine or the Email engine that complete the server functionality of the system.

Clients can connect to AR Servers to allow user interaction. The most common clients are:

ARS development[edit]

Screenshot of an ARS based helpdesk application.

ARS development can be considered a fourth-generation programming language where the developer literally draws the application forms, set its properties and creates the workflow rules. The user interface and behavior are completely data driven, where all development items (workflow rules, forms, etc.) are coded and stored in tables. The system automatically creates the required database elements (like tables or indexes) and forces the execution of the defined workflow rules.

Applications using Action Request System[edit]

BMC Software is also the main developer of ARS applications. Following is a list of the best known applications built within the Action Request System framework.


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