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BMT (previously British Maritime Technology) Group Ltd was established in 1985 as an international multidisciplinary engineering, science and technology consultancy[1] offering services particularly in the defence, energy, environment, maritime transport, marine risk and insurance, shipping and general transportation sectors. The company is structured as an Employee Benefit Trust.

BMT specialises in design, design support, risk and contract management and salvage. BMT provides services through 29 subsidiary companies focussed by geography, technology and/or market sector. It operates from 70 offices in 24 countries, with primary bases in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. [according to whom?]


Originally formed from the privatisation of the British Shipbuilders Research Association (BSRA) and the National Maritime Institute (NMI), engineering group BMT enjoyed tax-free status as a scientific research association for more than a decade.[according to whom?]

In 1998, under the guidance of its then chairman and CEO David Goodrich, the company adopted a new constitution, eschewing the option of listing as a public limited company. Now the company has a turnover exceeding £165m.[citation needed]

BMT Group Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and member based. The BMT Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) is the sole voting member. The EBT Trustees' remit is to act in the best interests of all the staff in the short, medium and long-term and they are not themselves beneficiaries. The assets of the company are held in beneficial ownership for its staff.[2]

Notable projects[edit]

BMT gained prominence in 2003 when the Secretary of State for Defence revealed the crucial role of BMT Defence Services in the Design of the Future Aircraft Carriers.[3] The company provided much of the design expertise within the Thales CVF Team, whose design was taken forward into the alliance with BAE Systems. Another project is the conversion of the UK MoD's Trials Platform Longbow to perform Sea trials on the PAAMS missile system to be fitted to the UK's Type 45 destroyers. As well as these, BMT's Venator-110 design for the Royal Navy's Type 31 class frigate is considered to be the most likely to be selected.[4]

Outside defence, the company has interests including wind testing of tall buildings, such as Dubai's 21st Century Tower and Burj al-Arab Hotel.

BMT subsidiary companies[edit]

  • BMT Asia Pacific Ltd
  • BMT Asia Pacific (Singapore) PTE Ltd
  • PT. BMT Asia Pacific (Indonesia)
  • BMT Asset Performance Ltd
  • BMT Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd
  • BMT Cordah Ltd
  • BMT Defence Services Ltd
  • BMT Design & Technology Pty Ltd
  • BMT Designers & Planners, Inc.
  • BMT Fleet Technology Ltd
  • BMT Fluid Mechanics Ltd
  • BMT Hi-Q Sigma Ltd
  • BMT JFA Consultants Pty Ltd
  • BMT Nigel Gee Ltd
  • BMT NavCon
  • BMT Oceanica
  • BMT Scientific Marine Services Inc.
  • BMT Surveys
  • BMT Titron
  • Verweij & Hoebee
  • BMT WBM Pty Ltd


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