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BMW B48 engine
BMW B48 im BMW-Museum 2018-06.jpg
BMW B48 in the BMW Museum
Manufacturer BMW
Production 2014 - current
Configuration Straight-4 DOHC
Displacement 1998 cc
Cylinder bore 82.0 mm (3.2 in)
Piston stroke 94.6 mm (3.7 in)
Compression ratio 11:1
Turbocharger twin-scroll
Fuel system Direct injection
Fuel type Gasoline (petrol)
Predecessor N20

The BMW B48 is a turbocharged straight-4 petrol engine which replaced the BMW N20 and has been in production since 2014. It is part of a modular BMW engine family of 3-cylinder (B38/ B37), 4-cylinder (B48/ B47) and 6-cylinder (B58) engines,[1] which use a displacement of 500 cc (30.5 cu in) per cylinder.

Compared with its N20 predecessor, the B48 uses a more undersquare design.[2] As per the N20, the block and head are made from aluminium.[3] Other features shared with the N20 include a twin-scroll turbocharger, direct injection, variable valve lift (Valvetronic) and variable valve timing (Double VANOS).[4]


Power Torque Years
135 kW (181 hp)
@ 5000-6500 rpm
290 N⋅m (214 lb⋅ft)
@ 1350-4250 rpm
141 kW (189 hp)
@ 4700-6000 rpm
280 N⋅m (207 lb⋅ft)
@ 1250-4500 rpm
170 kW (228 hp)
@ 5000-6500 rpm
300 N⋅m (221 lb⋅ft)
@ 1250-4800 rpm
185 kW (248 hp)
@ 5200-6500 rpm
350 N⋅m (258 lb⋅ft)
@ 1450-4800 rpm
190 kW (255 hp)
@ 5000-6500 rpm
400 N⋅m (295 lb⋅ft)
@ 1550-4400 rpm

135 kW version:

When combined with the electric motor, the 330e overall output is 185 kW (248 hp) and 420 N⋅m (310 lb⋅ft)[5]


  • 2016-current BMW F30 320i
  • 2016-current BMW F30 330e
  • 2016-current BMW F20 120i
  • 2017-current BMW G30 520i
  • 2017-current BMW G30 530e

141 kW version:

B48 in a 2014 Mini Cooper S

In the Mini Cooper S, a temporary overboost increases peak torque by 20 N⋅m (15 lb⋅ft) to 300 N⋅m (221 lb⋅ft).[6]


  • 2014-current F56 Mini Cooper S[7]
  • 2015-current BMW F22 220i
  • 2016-current BMW F48 X1 20i
  • 2017-current BMW F39 X2 sDrive20i

170 kW version:


  • 2014-current F56 Mini JCW Hardtop and JCW Cabrio (320 Nm)[8]
  • 2017-current F56 Mini JCW Clubman and JCW Countryman ALL4 (350 Nm)
  • 2015-current BMW F22 225i
  • 2016-current BMW F48 X1 25i
  • 2017-current BMW F39 X2 sDrive28i

185 kW version:[9][10]


  • 2015-current BMW F30/F31 330i
  • 2016-current BMW G30 530i
  • 2016-current BMW F22 230i[11]
  • 2016-current BMW F32/F33/F36 430i
  • 2018-current BMW G01 X3 xDrive30i
  • 2018-current BMW X4 xDrive30i

190 kW version:


  • 2016-current BMW G11 730i/730Li
  • 2017-current BMW G11 740e xDrive/740Le xDrive[12] (combined with 82 kW electric motor for total output of 240 kW)
  • 2017-current BMW G32 630i