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BMW Z4 (E89)
BMW Z4 (E89) front 20100815.jpg
Manufacturer BMW
Production 2009–2016
Assembly Regensburg, Germany
Designer Juliane Blasi (Exterior: 2006)
Nadya Arnout (Interior: 2006)
Body and chassis
Class roadster
Body style 2-door retractable hardtop
Layout FR layout
Engine 2.0 L N20 turbo I4
2.5 - 3.0 L N52 N.A. I6
3.0 L N54 turbo I6
Wheelbase 2,495 mm (98.2 in)
Length 4,239 mm (166.9 in)
Width 1,790 mm (70.5 in)
Height 1,291 mm (50.8 in)
Curb weight 1,395 kg (3,075 lb) - 1,525 kg (3,362 lb)
Predecessor BMW Z4 (E85)
Successor BMW Z4 (2018)
E89 interior (pre-facelift)

The BMW E89 is the second generation of the BMW Z4 roadsters, which was produced from 2009 to 2016. The E89 replaced the E85/E86 Z4 and is the fourth model in the BMW Z Series.

The E89 Z4 is the first BMW Z Series model to use a retractable hardtop roof, unlike the cloth roof used by its predecessors.[1] Since the BMW E89 Z4 had a retractable hardtop, there are no longer separate roadster and coupé versions of the car.[2]

There was no M model (ie "Z4 M" ) for the E89 generation.[3]

Development and launch[edit]

The E89 is the first BMW to be designed by two female designers - Juliane Blasi (exterior) and Nadya Arnaout (interior) in 2006.[4][5][6][7][8]

The BMW E89 Z4 was officially announced on 13 December 2008[9][10][11] and was unveiled in the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit alongside the MINI Convertible.[12][13] The BMW E89 Z4 was then launched in markets on May 2009.

A total of €130 million was spent from 2007-2009 in expanding the Regensburg plant for production of the BMW E89 Z4.[14] Although its E85/E86 predecessor was produced in the Spartanburg plant in the United States, the E89 was produced in the BMW's Regensburg plant alongside the E93 3 Series convertible.[15][16] Production of the BMW E85 Z4 was discontinued in mid-2008, and the BMW E89 Z4 was produced from February 2009 onwards.


Retractable iDrive display

Equipment available for the E89 includes:

  • Regenerative braking (called "Brake Energy Regeneration"), which is used to charge the battery instead of using an alternator.[17]
  • Start-stop system
  • Electric power steering on all models.[18]
  • Driving mode selector (called "Driving Experience Control"), where Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes change the behaviour of the throttle response, electronic stability control (DSC), automatic gearbox, power steering weighting and adjustable dampers ("EDC").[19][20]
  • Electric parking brake[21]
  • Emergency assistance dialling, BMW TeleServices, BMW Apps, BMW Online Services, Information Plus, Internet, Remote Services, TV Function and Voice Control
  • Directional headlights ("Adaptive Headlights")[22]
  • Adaptive Cruise Control ("ACC")[21][23]
  • iDrive with 8.8 in (22 cm) display[24]
  • Heated steering wheel[22]
  • Keyless entry ("Comfort Access"), which also allows the roof to be raised or lowered using the keyfob.


E89 with roof unretracted
E89 with roof retracted

Early BMW E89 Z4 models included the sDrive 23i, sDrive 30i and the sDrive 35i. The sDrive 23i and sDrive 30i models then ceased production in 2011,[25] and were replaced by the sDrive 20i and sDrive 28i. A sDrive 35is model was introduced in 2010, which has more power than the sDrive 35i and includes an overboost function.[26]

Since 2013, all four-cylinder variants of the new BMW Z4 meet the stipulations of the EU6 exhaust emissions.[citation needed]

Model Engine Power Torque Years
18i N20B20
turbo I4
115 kW (154 bhp)
@5000 rpm
240 N⋅m (177 lb⋅ft)
@1250-4400 rpm
20i N20B20
turbo I4
135 kW (181 bhp)
@5000-6250 rpm
270 N⋅m (199 lb⋅ft)
@1250-4500 rpm
23i N52B25
N.A. I6
150 kW (201 bhp)
@6400 rpm
250 N⋅m (184 lb⋅ft)
@2750 rpm
28i N20B20
turbo I4
180 kW (241 bhp)
@5000-6500 rpm
350 N⋅m (258 lb⋅ft)
@1250-4800 rpm
30i N52B30
N.A. I6
190 kW (255 bhp)
@6600 rpm
310 N⋅m (229 lb⋅ft)
@2600 rpm
35i N54B30
turbo I6
225 kW (302 bhp)
@5800 rpm
400 N⋅m (295 lb⋅ft)
@1300-5000 rpm
35is N54B30TO
turbo I6
250 kW (335 bhp)
@5800 rpm
450 N⋅m (332 lb⋅ft)
@1400-4500 rpm

sDrive35is model[edit]

The sDrive35is model was fitted with an upgraded version of the N54 engine, which was later also used in the E82 1 Series M Coupe. This engine produces 250 kW (335 bhp) and includes a computer-controlled overboost function for the 3rd to 7th gears. The boost function activates after every gear change with full throttle, and lasts for 7 seconds between 1500 and 4500rpm.[27] Peak torque during overboost is 500 N⋅m (369 lb⋅ft), compared with 450 N⋅m (332 lb⋅ft) without overboost.[28]

The only transmission available for the sDrive35is was a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT).[29] The sDrive35is also includes 18 inch alloy wheels with wider rear tyres, larger brakes, revised rear bumper and front apron, sports suspension, sports exhaust, sports steering wheel and various interior trims.[30][31]


Valencia orange Z4 (exclusive colour for the Pure Traction Design package)

The base trim level is called sDrive, with the higher "M Sport" trim level available as an option for most models. "Packages" of additional equipment were also available: initially the Design Pure Impulse,[32] which was replaced by the Pure Traction Design package and Pure Fusion Design package in 2013.[citation needed]

The M Sport trim level includes 18” alloy wheels, leather upholstery, sports seats, revised front and rear bumpers, sports steering wheel, sports suspension and various interior trims.[33][34][35]

The Pure Traction Design Package includes: the exclusive Valencia Orange exterior paint colour (regular colours were also available with the package), sports seats and various interior trims.[36][37]

In early 2014, the Pure Fusion Design Package was released. This package sits above the BMW Pure Traction Design Package and includes: the exclusive Sparkling Brown exterior paint colour (regular colours were also available with the package), sports seasts, white leather upholstery and various interior trims.[38][39][40]


The available transmissions are:

  • 6-speed manual Getrag GS6-17BG - Z4 18i, 20i, 23i, 30i[41]
  • 6-speed manual Getrag GS6-53BZ - Z4 35i[42]
  • 6-speed automatic ZF 6HP19 - Z4 23i, 30i[43]
  • 8-speed automatic ZF 8HP45 - Z4 18i, 20i, 28i[44]
  • 7-speed dual clutch Getrag GS7-D36SG - Z4 35i, 35is[45]

Concept cars[edit]

BMW 328 Homage (2011)[edit]

328 Hommage- front
328 Hommage- rear

This was a concept vehicle commemorating 75th anniversary of BMW 328. It included exterior and interior parts made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP); leather, matt and high-gloss black polished aluminium as well as the CFRP interior; asymmetrically designed windscreen with a recess in the middle, four wide leather straps run across the bonnet, two-part light alloy wheels with black aluminium rim and black chrome butterfly nut bearing the BMW emblem.[46]

The vehicle was unveiled in 2011 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion and later in 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.[47]

Zagato Coupé (2012)[edit]

The Zagato Coupé in the 2012 Concorso d'Eleganza.

First introduced in Lake Como, Italy at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este on 25 May 2012, The BMW Zagato Coupé is a concept car based on the Z4 Coupé, which was made in collaboration with Zagato - the Milan-based coach builder. Since Adrian van Hooydonk and Zagato chief designer Norihiko Harada were friends, the decision was quickly made when Andrea Zagato proposed a collaboration with BMW.[48]

The body of the BMW Zagato Coupé was built entirely by hand and includes a double-bubble roof shape.[49] The paint colour is called Rosso Vivace, and changes colour depending on how the light hits the body, ranging from a near black to a bright red.

The kidney grille of the BMW Zagato Coupé is made out of many small matt "z" letters, and the chrome “z”s are used only on the visible side of the octagons.[50] The two “z”s in the air intakes and BMW badges are the only gleaming chrome elements on the BMW Zagato Coupé. A matt finish is used for the diffuser edging, exhaust tailpipes and wheels. inspired by a propeller. A “z” is embroidered into the seats.[51]

Zagato Roadster (2012)[edit]

Zagato Roadster in the 2012 Concours d'Elegance
Zagato Roadster- rear

The BMW Zagato Roadster is a one-off concept car made by Zagato in collaboration with BMW and was introduced at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on 19 August 2012. It was developed due to the positive reaction to the Zagato Coupé concept which was shown three months before. The BMW Zagato Roadster was created in six weeks, from the first design idea to the finished model.[52]

The soft-top cover of the BMW Zagato Roadster uses a double-bubble shape.[53] The paint colour changes appearance depending on how the light hits the body, ranging from dark grey to a light silver. The headlights include a LED light strip set into the matt surface above the headlights.[54] A silver “z” emblem located below the flank vents is a symbol of Zagato's input.[citation needed]

The Zagato Roadster shares some styling elements with the Zagato Coupe, including tinted tail-lights, kidney grille with z-design grating and twin circular headlights and a three-dimensional front apron shape.[55]

The Zagato Roadster has a black interior, with a strip of brown leather extending trim which also covers the roll-over bars.[56]

Model year changes[edit]


  • Six-cylinder sDrive23i and sDrive30i models replaced by turbocharged four-cylinder sDrive20i and sDrive28i models.


  • Roof mechanism can now be operated at up to 40 kilometres per hour (25 mph).

2013 facelift (LCI)[edit]

The Z4 facelift (also known as LCI) models were released in March 2013. Major changes are:

  • Redesigned headlights (now using LED lamps), tail-lights and side indicators.[57][58]
  • Interior changes including black surrounds for the central air vents, revised switches, control panel and buttons.[59]
  • sDrive18i model introduced, powered by the 115 kW (154 bhp) N20 turbocharged four-cylinder engine.[60]
  • "Pure Balance Design" and "Pure Traction Design" options packages introduced.


Available safety systems include:

Production volumes[edit]

Yearly production volumes are as follows:[citation needed]

Year Production Change in Previous Year
2009 22,761 n/a
2010 24,575 +8.0%
2011 18,809 -23.5%
2012 15,249 -18.9%
2013 12,866 -15.6%
2014 10,802 -16.0%
2015 7,950 -26.4%
Total 113,012

The production of Z4 ended in August 2016, with last vehicles being made at Regensburg.[67]


BMW Z4 GT3 (2010-2015)[edit]

Z4 GT3

An FIA GT3-specification car was available to private teams.[68] While the production version of the BMW Z4 uses four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines, the Z4 GT3 is powered by the P65B44 V8 engine.[69] This engine is based on the production engine used in the E92 M3 and produces approximately 515 bhp (384 kW).[70] The weight of the Z4 GT3 is approximately 1,190 kg (2,624 lb).

In its 2010 debut season, the Z4 GT3 won the Dubai 24 Hour GT3 endurance event and finished second at the 2011 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps event by the Need For Speed Team Schubert.[71] The Z4 GT3 achieved several victories in the FIA GT3 Championship and Blancpain Endurance Series.[72]

In the 2011 Super GT season, Nobuteru Taniguchi and Taku Bamba won the GT300 class in a Z4 GT3. Tatsuya Kataoka and Nobuteru Taniguchi repeated this in 2014.

In 2013, the Z4 GT3 finished second at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring.[73]

In 2016, the Z4 GT3 was replaced by the M6 GT3.[74]

BMW Z4 GTE (2012-2015)[edit]


The Z4 GTE competed in the 2013 American Le Mans Series GT, the 2014-2015 United SportsCar Championship GTLM and the 2014-2015 European Le Mans Series. It is powered by the P65B44 V8 engine.

Turner Motorsport won the inaugural 2014 Tudor United SportsCar GT-Daytona Championship with an altered version of the Z4 GT3.[75]


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