BMW M102

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BMW M102 engine
Manufacturer BMW
Production 1980–1982
Combustion chamber
Configuration Straight-6
Predecessor BMW M30
Successor BMW M106

The BMW M102 (also known as "M30B32LAE"[1]) is a turbocharged straight-6 SOHC piston engine which was produced from 1980–1982. The engine was used in the E23 BMW 745i[2] and superseded by the M106.

It was based on the M30 engine[3] and has a displacement of 3,210 cc (196 cu in).[4] The KKK turbocharger produces 9 PSI of boost[5] and an air-to-air intercooler is used.[6] The M102 produces 188 kW (252 hp)[2] and was used in the BMW E23 7 Series, where it was designated "745i".


  • 1980–1982 E23 745i