BMW M335

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BMW M335
Manufacturer BMW
Production 1939-1941
Combustion chamber
Configuration straight-6
Predecessor none
Successor none

The BMW M335 is a straight-6 OHV piston engine which was produced from 1939-1941.

While the engine was an all-new design, it clearly reflects the approach taken with previous BMW engines.[citation needed]

Engine Displacement Power Torque Year
M335 3,485 cc 67 kW (91 PS; 90 hp) 1939-1941


The displacement is 3485 cc and fuel is supplied by a single Solex carburetor. The engine produces 90 bhp (67 kW) at 3500 rpm. This output is lower than the values advertised for the comparably sized Jaguar SS100, but the BMW unit reportedly provided better-than-average torque.[citation needed]


  • 1939-1941 335