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Manufacturer BMW
Production 1996–2001
Combustion chamber
Configuration DOHC Straight-4
Predecessor BMW M42
Successor BMW N42

The BMW M44 is a straight-4 DOHC piston engine which replaced the M42 and was produced from 1996-2001. Compared with the M42, the M44 has an extra 6% displacement. As per the M42, the M44 has a dual length intake manifold (called "DISA" by BMW).

Engine Displacement Power Torque Redline Year
M44B19 1,895 cc 103 kW (140 PS; 138 bhp) @ 6000 180 N·m (133 lb·ft) @ 4300 6500 1996-2001


The M44B19 has a displacement of 1895 cc,[1] which is achieved through a bore of 85 mm (3.3 in) and stroke of 83.5 mm (3.3 in). A 10:1 compression is used, along with Bosch M5.2 fuel injection.[citation needed] and meets with Euro3 norms. The crankshaft has an increased stroke from the M42's 81mm and is cast instead of forged to decrease production costs. To compensate for the increased throw, the pin height on the pistons was decreased to 30.4mm. It retains the same 140mm rod forgings however. Also revised were the valve actuators which are of a roller pivoting arm type replacing the M42's cam on spring cup design for a 30% decrease in rotational resistance from the cams. Greater Use of plastic cooling parts will potentially cause problems with reliability on higher milage engines, though these can be swapped with M42 pieces. 3/97 and later cars received electric cooling fans replacing the water pump / belt driven fans. Performance improvements are possible mostly through measures to increase intake airflow, which is very restrictive from the factory.


  • 1996-2000 E36 318iS, 318Ti and 318iC
  • 1996-2001 Z3 1.9
  • BMW Compact Cup Race Series - Facebook

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