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bNAber, abbreviated form for broadly neutralising antibodies electronic resource, is an integrated web resource focused on maintaining a comprehensive database of broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies (bNAbs).[1]


The discovery of broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies (bNAbs) has provided an enormous boost to the HIV vaccine research and to entire immunology. The bNAber database at provides open, user friendly access to detailed data on the rapidly growing list of HIV bNAbs, including neutralization profiles, sequences, and three-dimensional structures (when available).

The Goal[edit]

The goal of the bNAber database is to enable researchers in this field to easily compare and analyze available information on bNAbs thereby supporting efforts to design an effective vaccine for HIV/AIDS.

The bNAber database was created for the users who want to: (i) analyze in details sequence, 3D structure, neutralization profiles, escape mutations, etc. of anti HIV Abs; (ii) design new immunogens aiming to elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies; (iii) analyze 3D features of broad neutralization; (iv) sequences antibody genes in immunized animal/patient and tracks the development of the Ab genes leading to broad neutralization; (v) correlate features of sequence and structure of Abs with their ability to cross-neutralize. The resource could be of interest to researchers developing vaccines to other diseases, including Influenza, Hepatitis C, Dengue virus, and West_Nile viruses.


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