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BN Vocational School
51 Wangjing West Road,
Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100102
School type Private, not-for-profit, vocational school
Motto Education Lights the Journey of Life
Established 2005
Chairperson Yao Li
Age range 16-20

BN Vocational School is a private, tuition-free vocational school in Beijing, China.[1][2] The school was established in September 2005.[3] It was founded by Yao Li.[4] BN Vocational is the first tuition-free, not-for-profit, vocational secondary school in China.[5]


Some of the services that BN Vocational School provides include professional education for impoverished youths including the children of migrant workers, vocational training, and pre-employment training.[6] BN Vocational is the first privately run and funded school in Beijing servicing migrant children of high-school age. It develops the practical skills of the children of the most disadvantaged sector of workers.[5]

Majors include home and property management, plumbing and air-conditioning, and technical maintenance and electrician.[3]


Prospective students must have completed middle school then passed a customised entrance examination.[5] The examination is centred on Chinese and mathematics. A maximum of 100 students are taken each year.[3]


In addition to local funding the school has received international sponsorship. For example, Dell has given computers and Motorola the equipment in the electronics laboratory.[5] Ireland has donated 50,000 yuan to the school. The donation was presented by the then Irish Minister of State Conor Lenihan on 17 March 2006.[7]


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