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BOI-NGO album.jpg
Studio album by Oingo Boingo
Released March 2, 1987
Recorded August–December 1986
Genre New wave, ska
Length 41:00
Label MCA Records
Producer Danny Elfman and Steve Bartek
Oingo Boingo chronology
Dead Man's Party
(1985)Dead Man's Party1985
Boingo Alive
(1988)Boingo Alive1988
Singles from Boi-ngo
  1. "Pain"
    Released: October 1986
  2. "We Close Our Eyes"
    Released: February 1987
  3. "Not My Slave"
    Released: 1987

Boi-ngo (also stylized as BOI-NGO) is the sixth studio album by Oingo Boingo, released in 1987.


Boi-Ngo has a similar musical style to Dead Man's Party (1985), but with more abstract pop arrangements and eclectic percussion.

The original proposed title for the album was "More Nervous Energy".[1] A number of other songs were recorded for the album but ultimately cut; among them "Remember My Name" and "Mama". These songs are significant for being notably darker and complex in their songwriting, including rock-oriented guitar solos from bassist John Avila and Steve Bartek respectively, than much of what ended up on the album's final tracklist, suggesting they were cut for commercial reasons.[2]

Radio interviews and demo tapes from the period indicate that the song "Cinderella Undercover", frequently played by the band in concert, was also recorded but again cut from the album, having been initially considered to appear on Only A Lad six years earlier. The studio recording of Mama did see release on a limited edition vinyl box set of Boi-Ngo comprising five 7-inch vinyl records with one track on each side. Both Cinderella Undercover and Mama were subsequently re-recorded for the live album Boingo Alive in 1988.

In film and television[edit]

The track "Home Again" appears over the end credits in the movies Wisdom and Home Alone 3.

The track "We Close Our Eyes" appears in the final scene of the finale episode of Psych, "The Break-Up," continuing through the closing credits.[3]

"We Close Our Eyes" was covered by Susanna Hoffs for the 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (film) soundtrack, and by Allister for the 2004 Sleepover (film) soundtrack.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Danny Elfman.

No. Title Length
1. "Home Again" 5:14
2. "Where Do All My Friends Go" 4:29
3. "Elevator Man" 4:30
4. "New Generation" 5:16
5. "We Close Our Eyes" 3:38
6. "Not My Slave" 4:42
7. "My Life" 4:36
8. "Outrageous" 3:46
9. "Pain" 4:28
Total length: 41:00


Oingo Boingo

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