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BOS 400 wreck off Duiker Point, South Africa
BOS 400 wreck off Duiker Point, South Africa
Name: BOS 400
Fate: Ran aground, 26 June 1994
General characteristics
Type: Derrick/Lay Barge
Displacement: 12,000 long tons (12,193 t)
Length: 100 m (330 ft)
BOS 400 wreck is located in Western Cape
BOS 400 wreck
BOS 400 wreck
Western Cape, South Africa

The BOS 400 is a French Derrick/Lay Barge that ran aground while being towed by the Russian tugboat Tigr on June 26, 1994.[1]

The Tigr was chartered to tow the BOS 400 from Pointe-Noire in the Republic of Congo to Cape Town, South Africa. The tow-rope broke loose during a huge storm and caused the vessel to run aground off Duiker Point near Sandy Bay.[2][3]

Despite several towage attempts, the shipwreck was considered a total loss as salvors were able to recover little from the wreck. It remains a wreck today.

The Tigr tugboat was built in 1987 in Polish shipyards. Following the accident, it remained idle in the Cape Town docks from 1994 to 2000, when it was sold for $625,000.[4]


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Coordinates: 34°2′13.28″S 18°18′31.18″E / 34.0370222°S 18.3086611°E / -34.0370222; 18.3086611