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BPP University Law School
Parent school BPP University
Established 1992
School type Private, for-profit
Dean Andrew Chadwick
Location Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, London (Holborn and Waterloo) and Manchester, United Kingdom
Enrollment 5,500
Faculty Law
Website law.bppuniversity.ac.uk

BPP University Law School is a private, for-profit provider of professional and academic legal education in the United Kingdom. It has eight branches in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, London (Holborn and Waterloo) and Manchester. The school is owned by BPP Holdings, a division of the Apollo Group.


BPP Law School was the founding school of what is now BPP University. It takes its name from the surname initials of Alan Brierley, Richard Price and Charles Prior who founded a college in 1976 to provide exam training to accountancy students.[1] The BPP Law School was founded in 1992 to offer training to students wanting to qualify as solicitors or barristers in England and Wales and in 2005 joined forces with the newly formed BPP Business School under the name BPP College.[1]. Through its parent institution the law school has degree awarding powers, awarded by the Privy Council in 2007.[2][3] BPP University Law School was set up by Mike Semple Piggot, then run by Carl Lygo and Professor Peter Crisp. In June 2017 there was speculation in the legal media as Carl Lygo (CEO) left BPP. [4] Also in June 2017 it was reported by the media that Peter Crisp (Dean) plans to leave BPP. [5] [6] BBP's parent company reported in Feb 2017 the successful sale of BPP to a trio of private equity companies. [7]

In June 2017 BPP was ranked BRONZE in the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) government backed initiative to make teaching standards more transparent for students, with the categories for education institutions being BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD.[8] [9] [10] [11]

BPP also works extensively with authorised partners in countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan and also has offices in Pakistan [12]

BPP University Law School has ties to a consortium of "Magic Circle" and "Silver Circle" law firms to educate their future trainees. The school is used by more than 50 City of London law firms to educate their lawyers.[13] The school is a vocational provider of the Legal Practice Course (LPC) for future Solicitors. From September 2013, in addition to the standard LPC, students can study a Master of Arts (LPC with Business) which gives students a Master's degree in both law and business. The school also offers the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) (formerly known as the Bar Vocational Course, or the BVC) for future barristers and awards the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) (for those coming directly from a non-LL.B. qualification), Graduate LL.B. (GDL Conversion) and Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees. In 2009 BPP University Law School provided its first programmes in Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degrees, whose students qualify for loans by way of the student loans company.

The law school also runs pro bono centres around the United Kingdom. The projects are delivered by BPP law school students with guidance from qualified lawyers.[14]


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