BQ (company)

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TypeSociedad Limitada
FoundedMadrid, Spain
ProductsSmartphones, Tablets, e-readers and 3D printers
Number of employees
1,028 (2014)

BQ (former name: Mundo Reader) is a Spanish company brand of user electronics devices, such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers and 3D printers among other products.

Among BQ's most notable products are the first AndroidOne mobile phone in Europe (the BQ Aquaris A4.5),[1][2][3] as well as both the world's first mobile phone and tablet running the Ubuntu Phone operating system, (the BQ Aquaris E4.5 and BQ Aquaris M10).[4][5][6][7] In 2018, the Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup acquired 51% share of BQ and active in Vietnam under the name of VinSmart.[8]


The company started its business in 2009 importing e-readers from Asia.[9] In 2010 it started to produce its own tablets and e-readers.[9]

In 2013, the company had 600 employees and it produced 400,000 tablets and 100,000 e-readers.[10]

In 2014, the company entered the Portuguese market.[11]

In 2015, the company produced a smartphone (BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition) that runs the Ubuntu operating system.[12]

In 2016, the company released the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet.[13]

By 2020, bq appears no longer to be in the phone market, with all devices removed from the company's web-page. The English language home-page now presents Robotics, 3D-printing and product development consulting as the focus of the company, at least internationally.

In 2021 their web-page informed visitors that it had ceased business operations and only made available links to software downloads for the 3D-printer Witbox Go and to their educational offerings.

Revenue, by year:

  • 2014: 202.5 million euro.[14]
  • 2013: 115 million euro.[10]
  • 2012: 37.3 million euro.[9]
  • 2011: 25 million euro.[9]
  • 2010: 3.8 million euro.[9]

Mobile phones and tablets[edit]


Android high-end:

Android mid-range:

Android Cyanogen:

Ubuntu Phone:


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