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BRAC University
ব্র্যাক বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়
BRAC University logo.png
Seal of BRAC University
Other name
MottoInspiring Excellence
Established2001 (2001)
ChancellorPresident Abdul Hamid
Vice-ChancellorShib Narayan Kairy (acting)[1]
Academic staff
658[2] (2014)
Students6513[2] (2014)
Undergraduates5305[2] (2014)
Postgraduates1208[2] (2014)

23°46′49″N 90°24′26″E / 23.7802°N 90.4072°E / 23.7802; 90.4072Coordinates: 23°46′49″N 90°24′26″E / 23.7802°N 90.4072°E / 23.7802; 90.4072
Colours             Blue Black Grey
AffiliationsUniversity Grants Commission Bangladesh

BRAC University (BRACU) is a private University in Bangladesh. It was founded as a branch of the BRAC organization by Fazle Hasan Abed in 2001 under the Private University Act, The university ranked 1st among the private universities and 3rd among all the universities in research output on the QS Asian University Ranking 2018 Bangladesh. [3][4]

BRAC University founder Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, KCMG,delivering speech at 11th Convocation of the university


Fazle Hasan Abed, a Bangladeshi social worker is the founder of BRAC University.[5]


The campus of BRACU is located at Mohakhali, Dhaka. The university is also building its permanent campus located at merul Badda, Dhaka. The university is supposed to shift to its permanent campus by 2021.[6] The mission of BRAC University is to foster the national development process through the creation of a center of excellence in higher education that is responsive to society's needs, and able to develop creative leaders. It actively contributes to learning and the creation of knowledge.

Academic features[edit]

BRACU 11th Convocation
Norwegian Folk Dance at BRACU


  • BRAC Business School
  • School of Law
  • James P Grant School of Public Health
  • School of Engineering and Computer Science


  • BRAC Institute of Governance And Development
  • BRAC Institute of Languages
  • BRAC Institute of Educational Development
  • BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health


  • Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship Development
  • Control and Applications Research Centre
  • Professional Development Centre


  • Department of Architecture
  • Economics And Social Sciences
  • Department of English and Humanities
  • Department Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • Department of Computer science and engineering[7]

Resources and facilities[edit]

  • Ayesha Abed Library[8]
  • GDLN Center[9]
  • Counselling Unit[10]
  • Writing Center[11]
  • Cafeteria
  • Clubs

Financial support[edit]

BRAC University provides financial support to the students starting from full funding to partial tuition waivers.[12]


  • Performance Based Scholarship
  • Merit Based Scholarship
  • Free Scholarship

Financial waiver[edit]

  • Siblings
  • BRAC Scholarship
  • Need based Scholarship
  • Physically Challenged Students
  • BRACU Employee Child Scholarship
  • Children of Freedom Fighters
  • Spouse, Father - Son/Daughter, Mother - Son/Daughter
  • Children of BRAC Employees
  • Debater’s Blue


BRAC University Vice-chancellors
Year of Joining Expiration of Tenure of Office Name
2001 2010 Jamilur Reza Choudhury
2010 2014 Ainun Nishat
2014 Present Syed Saad Andaleeb

Residential campus[edit]

BRAC University's residential semester is mandatory for every undergraduate students to attend and usually the duration is around 3 months. The residential semester is situated in Savar, Dhaka District. A number of separate dormitories for male and female students, teacher's quarter, computer lab, class rooms, seminar hall Sulla, common places, four dining (Tripti, Sugondha, Tushti, Shurovi & Kosturi), library, medical center and psychological consultation center exist in the campus.[13]


BRACU celebrated its first convocation in 28 January 2006.

BRAC University Convocation
No. Year Convocational Speaker Acquaintance
1st Convocation 28 January 2006 Allan Rosenfield Dean Mailman, School of Public Health, Columbia University, USA[14]
2nd Convocation 8 February 2007 Professor Gowher Rizvi Director, Ash Institute Kennedy School of Government Harvard University[15]
3rd Convocation 30 December 2008 Professor Rehman Sobhan Chairman, Centre for Policy Dialogue[16]
4th Convocation 5 February 2009 Rajat Gupta McKinsey & Company, Inc. United States[17]
5th Convocation 7 February 2010 Professor Martha Chen Harvard Kennedy School[18]
6th Convocation 7 February 2011 Mary Robinson Former President of Ireland[19]
7th Convocation 19 February 2012 Muhammad Habibur Rahman Justice, Supreme Court of Bangladesh[20]
8th Convocation 17 February 2013 Rahul Bose Philanthropist and Bollywood Actor[21]
9th Convocation 20 November 2014 Professor Emeritus Anisuzzaman University of Dhaka[22]
10th Convocation 5 November 2015 Matiur Rahman Daily Prothom Alo[23][24]
11th Convocation 5 December 2016 Shabana Azmi Philanthropist and Bollywood Actress[25][26]
12th Convocation 13 December 2017 Dr. Shahidul Alam, MD Activist and Social Reformer[27]

Launching of nano-satellite BRAC Onnesha[edit]

Initial steps[edit]

On 15 June 2016, Syed Saad Andaleeb, Vice Chancellor at BRAC University, signed a contract with the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech), Japan, on behalf of BRAC University. This led to the collaborative building of the first experimental university-made nano-satellite of Bangladesh, designed, developed and assembled by three students from the EEE Department of BRAC University. On 8 February 2017, Andaleeb received BRAC Onnesha from Kyutech's President Yuji Oie and Mengu Cho, Kyutech's Director of the Laboratory of Spacecraft Environment Interaction Engineering.[28]

BRAC Onnesha[edit]

BRAC Onnesha is a nano-satellite shaped as a 10 centimetres (3.9 in) cube capable of completing one orbit 400 kilometres (250 mi) above the ground in 90 minutes and passing over Bangladesh four to six times a day.[29]

BRACU took up an initiative to start space and remote sensing research in collaboration with Kyutech and the Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO).[30] Three students from BRACU – Kafi, Antara and Maisun – went to Kyutech to design, develop and assemble the first nano-satellite.[31] BRACU will also build a ground station in its Mohakhali campus to analyse data and photographs sent from space for further research purposes.

Ground station inauguration[edit]

The ground station built for BRAC Onnesha was set up on the rooftop of the university's Building #4. Fazle Hasan Abed, Chairperson for the BRACU Board of Trustees, inaugurated the ground station on 25 May 2017.[32] The ground station is capable of receiving topographical data gathered by BRAC Onnesha when deployed into low Earth orbit. The BRACU researchers will analyse and interpret data, taken in the form of high quality photographs, on space environment, which is expected to serve the academic and research goals of the university and the nation as a whole.

Launch to space[edit]

BRAC Onnesha was launched on 3 June 2017 at 21:07 UTC (4 June at 03:07 BST) aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as part of the CRS-11 mission to the International Space Station. The launch took place from Kennedy Space Center, Florida.[33]

Research and innovations[edit]

BRACU Chondrobot-2[edit]

BRAC University had sent a robot named Chondrobot-2 to NASA for competing NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition on May 2012. "ChondroBot-2" a robotics team from the School of Engineering and Computer Science of BRAC University received the Asia's Best title in the recently held NASA`s third "Annual Lunabotics Mining Competition (LMC)" in USA.[34]

Chondrobot-2 team from Brac University was the only university from Bangladesh which was successful to collect samples by their lunar excavation device in mining stage and also discharge those in the designated place. The team also received best position in "Joe Kosmo Award of Excellence" segment which eventually helped Chondrobot -2 to secure 12th among all the teams around the world. Mobile Phone operator Robi Axiata Limited was the co-sponsor of Chondrobot lunar excavation device of this tour to NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA.[35]

Solar ambulance for rural areas[edit]

The Control & Applications Research Centre (CARC) of BRACU has redesigned and developed an ambulance van with required modifications based on valuable feedbacks obtained from drivers, patients and BRAC Health Nutrition and Population Program (HNPP) personnel during the field test conducted at Genda, Savar. The upgraded and modified version of the electrically assisted ambulance van has thicker and smaller wheels to ensure the vehicle can be driven smoothly on all types of road conditions, stronger chassis for better stability, two motors and increased battery power to increase the speed and mileage.[36]

On 26 May 2016, the modified ambulance van was delivered to the CARC research facility located at Genda, Savar to conduct the performance test of this vehicle on the roads. The field test has been conducted and the performance of this vehicle has improved remarkably. Patients were carried from their houses to nearby hospitals using this modified ambulance vans. Local people and patients expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with this innovation and they felt that this vehicle can provide better health services to rural people in rural community.[37]

Hult Prize at BRAC University[edit]

BRAC University's Synergy Global team won the regional round of the HULT Prize in Shanghai, China held on 12 March 2016.[38] The team competed against other teams of 40 countries and is the first ever team from other Bangladeshi universities to win the regional round.The members of the winning team from BRAC University were: Mirza Tanzim Sami, Tasneem Omar Ava, Arafat Ahmed, and Mohammad Saad.

Team 'Resurgence' presented their social business idea in the regional finals of the Hult Prize 2017 held at Shanghai.The team was among top 6 in the finals.[39]


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