BRM P180

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BRM P180
BRM P180 front Donington Grand Prix Collection.jpg
Category Formula One
Constructor British Racing Motors
Designer(s) Tony Southgate
Predecessor P160
Successor P201
Technical specifications[1]
Chassis Aluminium monocoque
Suspension (front) Double wishbones, coil springs
Suspension (rear) Double wishbones, coil springs
Axle track Front: 1,473 mm (58.0 in)
Rear: 1,499 mm (59.0 in)
Wheelbase 2,540 mm (100 in)
Engine BRM 2,998 cc (182.9 cu in) V12 naturally aspirated, mid-mounted
Transmission BRM 161 5-speed manual
Weight 550 kg (1,210 lb)
Fuel BP
Tyres Firestone
Competition history
Notable entrants Marlboro BRM
Notable drivers United Kingdom Peter Gethin
New Zealand Howden Ganley
France Jean-Pierre Beltoise
United Kingdom Brian Redman
Debut 1972 Spanish Grand Prix
Races Wins Poles F.Laps
5 0 0 0
Constructors' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 0
n.b. Unless otherwise stated, all data refer to
Formula One World Championship Grands Prix only.

The BRM P180 was a Formula One racing car, built by BRM and designed by Tony Southgate which raced in the 1972 Formula One season. It was powered by a BRM 3.0-litre V12 engine.[2] It competed in five World Championship Grands Prix, with a total of seven individual entries. The car scored no World Championship points, its best finish being eighth at the 1972 Italian Grand Prix.[1]

Race history[edit]

The car made its debut at the 1972 Spanish Grand Prix with Peter Gethin but retired when the engine failed.[3] Howden Ganley drove the car at Monaco and retired through accident.[4] The car did not reappear until the Italian Grand Prix, when it was driven by Jean-Pierre Beltoise and finished eighth.[5] The Frenchman was joined by Canadian Bill Brack for Canada but Brack retired when he spun off and Beltoise also retired when he had an oil leak.[6] For the United States Grand Prix, Brian Redman replaced Brack but he retired when his engine failed and Beltoise also retired when his ignition failed.[7] The car won the non-championship 1972 World Championship Victory Race with Beltoise before being retired in favour of the older P160.

Complete Formula One World Championship results[edit]

(key)(results in bold indicate pole position, results in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year Entrant Engine Tyres Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 WDC Points
1972 Marlboro BRM BRM P161
3.0 V12
Peter Gethin Ret
Howden Ganley Ret
Jean-Pierre Beltoise 8 Ret Ret
Bill Brack Ret
Brian Redman Ret

All points were scored using BRM P160


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