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BSA A10 Super Rocket
1963 BSA A10 Super Rocket(5).jpg
1963 BSA A10 Super Rocket.
Manufacturer Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA)
Production 1957–1963
Predecessor BSA Golden Flash
Engine 646 cc (39.4 cu in) air cooled twin
Transmission Four speed, chain drive
Wheelbase 1,391 mm (54.75 in)
Dimensions L: 2,100 mm (84 in)

The BSA Super Rocket was a Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) motorcycle that was a development of the BSA Road Rocket. The A10[clarification needed] had a reputation for reliability but was struggling to compete against the Triumph engines and the Norton Featherbed frames.[1]


Launched in 1957 the BSA Super Rocket had a new alloy head and an Amal TT racing carburettor. In 1961 a new "357" full-race camshaft with high lift was used, with more dwell and faster valve action to improve performance.[2]

A clubman version, the Rocket Gold Star, was produced with rearsets (i.e. footrests moved rearward from the standard position to cause the rider to lean further forward into a more aerodynamic posture), clip-on handlebars and a tuned engine, but this was something of a special and was produced from 1961-1963 based on modifications to the Super Rocket by Eddie Dow at the same time as the "Big Valve" Super Rocket.

1963 BSA A10 Super Rocket


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