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BSFA Award for Best Novel

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BSFA Award for Best Novel
Awarded forThe best science fiction or fantasy novel published in the previous calendar year
Presented byBritish Science Fiction Association
First awarded1970
Currently held byJuliet E. McKenna (The Green Man’s Quarry)
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The BSFA Awards are given every year by the British Science Fiction Association. The Best Novel award is open to any novel-length work of science fiction or fantasy that has been published in the UK for the first time in the previous year. Serialised novels are eligible, provided that the publication date of the concluding part is in the previous year. If a novel has been previously published elsewhere, but it hasn't been published in the UK until the previous year, it is eligible.[1]

Winners and Shortlists[edit]

The ceremonies are named after the year that the eligible works were published, despite the awards being given out in the next year.

  *   Winners and joint winners

Year Author(s) Work Publisher/Publication Ref.
1969 John Brunner* Stand on Zanzibar Doubleday [2]
1970 John Brunner* The Jagged Orbit Ace [3]
1971 Brian W. Aldiss* The Moment of Eclipse Faber and Faber [4]
1973 Arthur C. Clarke* Rendezvous with Rama Gollancz [5]
1974 Christopher Priest* Inverted World Faber and Faber [6]
1975 Bob Shaw* Orbitsville Gollancz [7]
1976 Michael G. Coney* Brontomek! Gollancz [8]
1977 Ian Watson* The Jonah Kit Gollancz [9]
1978 Philip K. Dick* A Scanner Darkly Doubleday [10]
1979 J. G. Ballard* The Unlimited Dream Company Jonathan Cape [11]
Rob Swigart A.K.A.: A Cosmic Fable Magnum [11]
Tom Reamy Blind Voices Sidgwick & Jackson
Arthur C. Clarke The Fountains of Paradise Gollancz
Thomas M. Disch On Wings of Song Gollancz
1980 Gregory Benford* Timescape Simon & Schuster [12]
Frederik Pohl Beyond the Blue Event Horizon Del Rey [12]
John Crowley Engine Summer Doubleday
Keith Roberts Molly Zero Gollancz
Michael Bishop Transfigurations Gollancz
Norman Spinrad A World Between Pocket
1981 Gene Wolfe* The Shadow of the Torturer Sidgwick & Jackson [13]
Christopher Priest The Affirmation Faber and Faber [13]
J. G. Ballard Hello America Jonathan Cape
Robert Holdstock Where Time Winds Blow Faber and Faber
1982 Brian W. Aldiss* Helliconia Spring Jonathan Cape [14]
Philip K. Dick The Divine Invasion Timescape [14]
John Crowley Little, Big Bantam
Michael Bishop No Enemy But Time Timescape
Gene Wolfe The Sword of the Lictor Timescape
1983 John Sladek* Tik-Tok Gollancz [15]
Michael G. Coney Cat Karina Ace [15]
Gene Wolfe The Citadel of the Autarch Timescape
Mary Gentle Golden Witchbreed Gollancz
Brian W. Aldiss Helliconia Summer Jonathan Cape
1984 Robert Holdstock* Mythago Wood Gollancz [16]
J. G. Ballard Empire of the Sun Gollancz [16]
Christopher Priest The Glamour Jonathan Cape
William Gibson Neuromancer Gollancz
Angela Carter Nights at the Circus Chatto & Windus
1985 Brian W. Aldiss* Helliconia Winter Jonathan Cape [17]
Tim Powers The Anubis Gates Chatto & Windus [17]
Gene Wolfe Free Live Free Gollancz
Keith Roberts Kiteworld Gollancz
Geoff Ryman The Warrior Who Carried Life Allen & Unwin
1986 Bob Shaw* The Ragged Astronauts Gollancz [18]
Greg Bear Blood Music Gollancz [18]
William Gibson Count Zero Gollancz
Josephine Saxton Queen of the States The Women's Press
Bruce Sterling Schismatrix Penguin
1987 Keith Roberts* Gráinne Kerosina [19]
1988 Robert Holdstock* Lavondyss Gollancz [20]
Iain M. Banks The Player of Games Macmillan [20]
William Gibson Mona Lisa Overdrive Gollancz
Gwyneth Jones Kairos Allen & Unwin
Bob Shaw The Wooden Spaceships Gollancz
Lucius Shepard Life During Wartime Bantam
1989 Terry Pratchett* Pyramids Gollancz [21]
Jonathan Carroll A Child Across the Sky Legend [21]
Geoff Ryman The Child Garden Allen & Unwin
C. J. Cherryh Cyteen Warner
Kim Stanley Robinson The Gold Coast Orbit
1990 Colin Greenland* Take Back Plenty Allen & Unwin [22]
William Gibson & Bruce Sterling The Difference Engine Gollancz [22]
Dan Simmons Hyperion Headline
Mary Gentle Rats and Gargoyles Bantam
Iain M. Banks Use of Weapons Orbit
1991 Dan Simmons* The Fall of Hyperion Headline [23]
Mary Gentle The Architecture of Desire Bantam [23]
Paul J. McAuley Eternal Light Gollancz
1992 Kim Stanley Robinson* Red Mars HarperCollins [24]
Connie Willis Doomsday Book Bantam [24]
Ian McDonald Hearts, Hands and Voices Gollancz
Simon Ings Hot Head Grafton
Lisa Tuttle Lost Futures Grafton
1993 Christopher Evans* Aztec Century Gollancz [25]
Nicola Griffith Ammonite Grafton [25]
Kim Stanley Robinson Green Mars HarperCollins
Colin Greenland Harm's Way HarperCollins
Neal Stephenson Snow Crash Roc
1994 Iain M. Banks* Feersum Endjinn Orbit [26]
Eric Brown Engineman Pan [26]
Ian McDonald Necroville Gollancz
Gwyneth Jones North Wind Gollancz
Greg Egan Permutation City Millennium
1995 Stephen Baxter* The Time Ships HarperPrism [27]
Michael Moorcock Blood Unknown [27]
Ian McDonald Chaga Gollancz
Paul J. McAuley Fairyland Gollancz
Peter F. Hamilton The Nano Flower Pan
Christopher Priest The Prestige Simon & Schuster
1996 Iain M. Banks* Excession Orbit [28]
Kim Stanley Robinson Blue Mars HarperVoyager [28]
Bruce Sterling Holy Fire Orion
Stephen Bury Interface Orion
Gill Alderman The Memory Palace HarperVoyager
Ken MacLeod The Stone Canal Legend
1997 Mary Doria Russell* The Sparrow Black Swan [29]
Tim Powers Earthquake Weather Legend [29]
Michael Swanwick Jack Faust Orion
Jack Deighton A Son of the Rock Orbit
1998 Christopher Priest* The Extremes Simon & Schuster [30]
Ken MacLeod The Cassini Division Orbit [30]
Iain M. Banks Inversions Orbit
Kathleen Ann Goonan Queen City Jazz HarperVoyager
John Meaney To Hold Infinity Bantam
1999 Ken MacLeod* The Sky Road Orbit [31]
Mary Doria Russell Children of God Black Swan [31]
Simon Ings Headlong HarperVoyager
Justina Robson Silver Screen Macmillan
Eugene Byrne ThigMOO Earthlight
2000 Mary Gentle* Ash: A Secret History Gollancz [32]
John Meaney Paradox Bantam [32]
China Miéville Perdido Street Station Macmillan
Jon Courtenay Grimwood redRobe Earthlight
Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space Gollancz
2001 Alastair Reynolds* Chasm City Gollancz [33]
Neil Gaiman American Gods Headline [33]
Gwyneth Jones Bold as Love Gollancz
Geoff Ryman Lust Flamingo
Jon Courtenay Grimwood Pashazade: The First Arabesk Earthlight
Paul McAuley The Secret of Life HarperVoyager
2002 Christopher Priest* The Separation Scribner [34]
Gwyneth Jones Castles Made of Sand Gollancz [34]
Jon Courtenay Grimwood Effendi: The Second Arabesk Earthlight
M. John Harrison Light Gollancz
China Miéville The Scar Macmillan
Kim Stanley Robinson The Years of Rice and Salt HarperCollins
2003 Jon Courtenay Grimwood* Felaheen: The Third Arabesk Earthlight [35]
Alastair Reynolds Absolution Gap Gollancz [35]
Tricia Sullivan Maul Orbit
Gwyneth Jones Midnight Lamp Orbit
Justina Robson Natural History Macmillan
William Gibson Pattern Recognition Viking
2004 Ian McDonald* River of Gods Simon & Schuster [36]
Alastair Reynolds Century Rain Gollancz [36]
Kim Stanley Robinson Forty Signs of Rain HarperCollins
Susanna Clarke Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Bloomsbury
Ken MacLeod Newton's Wake Orbit
Jon Courtenay Grimwood Stamping Butterflies Gollancz
2005 Geoff Ryman* Air Gollancz [37]
Jon Courtenay Grimwood 9tail Fox Gollancz [37]
Charles Stross Accelerando Orbit
Ken MacLeod Learning the World Orbit
Justina Robson Living Next Door to the God of Love Macmillan
2006 Jon Courtenay Grimwood* End of the World Blues Gollancz [38]
Liz Williams Darkland Tor [38]
Roger Levy Icarus Gollancz
James Morrow The Last Witchfinder Weidenfeld & Nicolson
M. John Harrison Nova Swing Gollancz
2007 Ian McDonald* Brasyl Gollancz [39]
Bryan Talbot Alice in Sunderland Jonathan Cape [39]
Richard Morgan Black Man Gollancz
Ken MacLeod The Execution Channel Orbit
Alastair Reynolds The Prefect Gollancz
Michael Chabon The Yiddish Policemen's Union Fourth Estate
2008 Ken MacLeod* The Night Sessions Orbit [40]
Neal Stephenson Anathem William Morrow [40]
Stephen Baxter Flood Gollancz
Nick Harkaway The Gone-Away World Heinemann
2009 China Miéville* The City & the City Macmillan [41]
Stephen Baxter Ark Gollancz [41]
Ursula K. Le Guin Lavinia Gollancz
Adam Roberts Yellow Blue Tibia Gollancz
2010 Ian McDonald* The Dervish House Gollancz [42]
Tricia Sullivan Lightborn Orbit [42]
Ken MacLeod The Restoration Game Orbit
Paolo Bacigalupi The Windup Girl Orbit
Lauren Beukes Zoo City Angry Robot
2011 Christopher Priest* The Islanders Gollancz [43]
Adam Roberts By Light Alone Gollancz [43]
Kim Lakin-Smith Cyber Circus NewCon
China Miéville Embassytown Macmillan
Lavie Tidhar Osama PS
2012 Adam Roberts* Jack Glass Gollancz [44]
Kim Stanley Robinson 2312 Orbit [44]
Chris Beckett Dark Eden Corvus
M. John Harrison Empty Space Gollancz
Ken MacLeod Intrusion Orbit
2013 Ann Leckie* Ancillary Justice Orbit [45]
Gareth L. Powell* Ack-Ack Macaque Solaris [45]
Christopher Priest The Adjacent Gollancz [45]
Paul McAuley Evening's Empires Gollancz
Kameron Hurley God's War Del Rey
2014 Ann Leckie* Ancillary Sword Orbit [46]
Frances Hardinge Cuckoo Song Macmillan [46]
Dave Hutchinson Europe in Autumn Solaris
Claire North The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August Orbit
Nnedi Okorafor Lagoon Hodder & Stoughton
Neil Williamson The Moon King NewCon
Nina Allan The Race NewCon
Simon Ings Wolves Gollancz
2015 Aliette de Bodard* The House of Shattered Wings Gollancz [47]
Dave Hutchinson Europe at Midnight Solaris [47]
Justina Robson Glorious Angels Gollancz
Ian McDonald Luna: New Moon Gollancz
Chris Beckett Mother of Eden Corvus
2016 Dave Hutchinson* Europe in Winter Solaris [48]
Nick Wood Azanian Bridges NewCon [48]
Becky Chambers A Closed and Common Orbit Hodder & Stoughton
Chris Beckett Daughter of Eden Corvus
Tricia Sullivan Occupy Me Gollancz
2017 Nina Allan* The Rift Titan [49]
Anne Charnock Dreams Before the Start of Time 47North [49]
Mohsin Hamid Exit West Hamish Hamilton
Ann Leckie Provenance Orbit
2018 Gareth L. Powell* Embers of War Titan [50]
Dave Hutchinson Europe at Dawn Solaris [50]
Yoon Ha Lee Revenant Gun Solaris
Emma Newman Before Mars Ace
Tade Thompson Rosewater Orbit
2019 Adrian Tchaikovsky* Children of Ruin Tor [51]
Juliet E. McKenna The Green Man’s Foe Wizard's Tower Press [51]
Emma Newman Atlas Alone Gollancz
Gareth L. Powell Fleet of Knives Titan
Tade Thompson The Rosewater Insurrection Orbit
2020 N. K. Jemisin* The City We Became Orbit [52]
Tiffani Angus Threading the Labyrinth Unsung Stories [52]
Susanna Clarke Piranesi Bloomsbury
M. John Harrison The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again Gollancz
Gareth L. Powell Light of Impossible Stars Titan
Kim Stanley Robinson The Ministry for the Future Orbit
Nikhil Singh Club Ded Luna
Adrian Tchaikovsky The Doors of Eden Tor
Liz Williams Comet Weather NewCon
Nick Wood Water Must Fall NewCon
2021 Adrian Tchaikovsky* Shards of Earth Tor [53]
Liz Williams Blackthorn Winter NewCon [53]
Arkady Martine A Desolation Called Peace Tor
Aliya Whiteley Skyward Inn Solaris
Adam Roberts Purgatory Mount Gollancz
Juliet E. McKenna The Green Man's Challenge Wizard's Tower Press
2022 Adrian Tchaikovsky* City of Last Chances Head of Zeus [54]
Adam Roberts The This Gollancz [54]
Gareth L. Powell Stars and Bones Titan
Aliette de Bodard The Red Scholar’s Wake Gollancz
E.J. Swift The Coral Bones Unsung Stories
2023 Juliet E. McKenna* The Green Man’s Quarry Wizard's Tower Press [55]
Christopher Priest Airside Gollancz [55]
Gareth L. Powell Descendant Machine Titan
Geoff Ryman HIM Angry Robot
Wole Talabi Shigidi And The Brass Head Of Obalufon Gollancz

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