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Type Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin Ukraine
Service history
Used by Jordan, Iraq
Wars Iraq War
Production history
Designed 1994-1997
Manufacturer Malyshev Factory
Produced 1999-2000
No. built 50
Weight 13.6 tonnes
Length 7.65 m
Width 2.90 m
Height 2.80 m
Crew 3 +10 passengers

Armor Classified
twin 23x152mm 2A7M cannon
7.62 mm PKT machine gun
Engine diesel engine
300 hp
Suspension wheeled 8×8
Ground clearance 475 mm
Fuel capacity 300 litres
600 km
Speed 85 km/h, 9 km/h swim

The BTR-94 is a Ukrainian amphibious armoured personnel carrier (Bronetransporter), a modification of the Soviet eight-wheeled BTR-80. The BTR-94's turret BAU-23x2[1] is larger than the BTR-80's BPU-1 and is fitted with a twin 23x152mm gun 2A7M with 200 rounds, a coaxial KT-7.62 machine gun with 2,000 rounds, six 81 mm smoke grenade launchers and a combined optical sight 1PZ-7-23. Each 2A7M gun has a max. rate of fire of 850 rds/min. The same gun is mounted on the ZSU-23-4. The BAU-23x2 module can also be mounted on other armoured vehicles like the BTR-70 or Ratel IFV.


Map of BTR-94 operators in blue

Current operators[edit]

  •  Iraq - Iraq received 50 BTR-94's donated by Jordan in 2004 for use by the Mechanized Police Brigade.[2]

Former operators[edit]

  •  Jordan - Jordan ordered 50 BTR-94's in 1999,[3] the last vehicles were delivered in February 2000.[4]

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