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Compilation album by Buck-Tick
Released March 20, 1999
September 5, 2007 (remaster)
Genre Alternative rock, punk rock, power pop, dark wave, industrial rock, electronic rock
Label Victor
Buck-Tick chronology
Sweet Strange Live Disc

BT (short for "Best Tracks") is the third compilation album by Buck-Tick, released on March 20, 1999.[1] It compiles every single and B-side they released while signed to Victor Entertainment, except the live B-sides of "Die". It also includes a demo version of "Romanesque". It reached number sixteen on the Oricon chart.[2] The album was remastered and re-released on September 5, 2007.

Track listing[edit]

Disc One[edit]

  1. "Sexual XXXXX!"
  2. "Hyper Love"
  3. "Romanesque" (Demo Version)
  4. "...In Heaven..."
  5. "Just One More Kiss"
  6. "To-Search"
  7. "Iconoclasm"
  8. "Aku no Hana" (悪の華; Evil Flower)
  9. "Under the Moon Light"
  10. "Love Me"
  11. "Speed" (スピード)
  12. "Narcissus" (ナルシス)
  13. "Taiyou ni Korosareta" (太陽ニ殺サレタ; Killed by the Sun)
  14. "M・A・D"
  15. "Angelic Conversation"
  16. "Jupiter"
  17. "Sakura" (さくら; Cherry Blossom)

Disc Two[edit]

  1. "Dress" (ドレス)
  2. "Roku Gatsu no Okinawa" (六月の沖縄; Okinawa June)
  3. "Kirameki no Naka de..." (キラメキの中で ・・・; In the Glitter・・・)
  4. "Die"
  5. "D・T・D"
  6. "Uta" (唄; Song)
  7. "Kimi e" (君へ; To You)
  8. "Itoshi no Rockstar" (愛しのロック・スター; Beloved Rockstar)
  9. "Kodou" (鼓動; Heartbeat)
  10. "Rakuen" (楽園; Paradise)
  11. "Mienai Mono o Miyo to Suru Gokai Subete Gokai da" (見えない物を見ようとする誤解 全て誤解だ; Misunderstanding in Trying to See the Invisible, Everything Is Misunderstood)
  12. "Kimi no Vanilla" (君のヴァニラ; Your Vanilla)
  13. "Candy" (キャンディ)
  14. "Chocolate" (チョコレート)
  15. "Ash-Ra"
  16. "Cosmos"


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