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Confederation of European Business
Emblem of the Confederation of European Business.svg
Abbreviation BusinessEurope
Region served
European Union
Emma Marcegaglia
Director General
Markus J. Beyrer

The Confederation of European Business, shortened BusinessEurope, is a lobby group representing enterprises of all sizes in the European Union (EU) and six non-EU European countries. Members of the confederation are 39 national industry and employers' organizations. The current president of the confederation is Emma Marcegaglia, while the Director General is Markus J. Beyrer.

Based in Brussels, the confederation is officially recognised as a social partner at European level, is involved in a range of economic and social decisions and cooperates with a number of stakeholders and business partners. It promotes the interests of corporate citizens to ensure that public policy supports the European economy.


In 2014, Unilever terminated its membership in BusinessEurope's Advisory and Support Group, because it opposed the organisation's stance on carbon dioxide emissions.[1][2]


The association is led by a president. In the past, the following persons used to hold this office:[3][4]

  • 1958–1961 Léon Bekaert
  • 1961–1962 Georges Villiers
  • 1962–1967 H. J. de Koster
  • 1967–1971 Fritz Berg
  • 1971–1975 Paul Huvelin
  • 1975–1980 Pol Provost
  • 1981–1983 Guido Carli
  • 1984–1986 Ray Pennock
  • 1986–1990 Karl Gustaf Ratjen
  • 1990–1994 Carlos Ferrer
  • 1994–1998 François Perigot
  • 1998–2003 Georges Jacobs
  • 2003–2005 Jürgen Strube
  • 2005–2009 Ernest-Antoine Seillière
  • 2009–2013 Jürgen Thumann
  • since Juli 2013 Emma Marcegaglia

BusinessEurope is administrated by a director general. Markus J. Beyrer has been holding this position since 2013.[5]


The Confederation of European Business organises the annual BusinessEurope Day and European Business Summit in Brussels.

Member organisations[edit]

  Members in countries outside the European Union
Country Organisation(s)
Austria coat of arms official.svg Austria Federation of Austrian Industry
Royal Arms of Belgium.svg Belgium Federation of Belgian Enterprises
Coat of arms of Bulgaria (version by constitution).svg Bulgaria Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business
Coat of Arms of Switzerland (Pantone).svg Switzerland economiesuisse
Schweizerischer Arbeitgeberverband
Lesser coat of arms of Cyprus.svg Cyprus Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation
Small coat of arms of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic
Coat of arms of Germany.svg Germany Federation of German Industries
Confederation of German Employers' Associations
National Coat of arms of Denmark no crown.svg Denmark Confederation of Danish Industries
Confederation of Danish Employers
Small coat of arms of Estonia.svg Estonia Estonian Employers' Confederation
Arms of Spain.svg Spain Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations
Coat of arms of Finland.svg Finland Confederation of Finnish Industries
Armoiries république française.svg France Mouvement des Entreprises de France
Coat of arms of Greece.svg Greece Hellenic Federation of Enterprises
Coat of arms of Croatia.svg Croatia Hrvatska Udruga Poslodavaca
Arms of Hungary.svg Hungary Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists
Coat of arms of Ireland.svg Ireland Irish Business and Employers Confederation
Arms of Iceland.svg Iceland The Federation of Icelandic Industries
Confederation of Icelandic Employers
Emblem of Italy.svg Italy General Confederation of Italian Industry
Coat of arms of Lithuania.svg Lithuania Lietuvos pramonininku konfederacija
Arms of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg Business Federation Luxembourg
Arms of Latvia.svg Latvia Employers' Confederation of Latvia
Coat of arms of Montenegro.svg Montenegro Montenegrin Employers Federation
Arms of Malta.svg Malta The Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise
Royal Arms of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers
Arms of Norway.svg Norway Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
Herb Polski.svg Poland Polish Confederation Lewiatan
Shield of the Kingdom of Portugal (1481-1910).png Portugal Confederação da Indústria Portuguesa
Arms of Serbia.svg Serbia Unija poslodavaca Srbije
Coat of arms of Slovenia.svg Slovenia Association of Employers of Slovenia
Coat of arms of Slovakia.svg Slovakia National Union of Employers (Slovakia)
Insigne Sancti Marini.svg San Marino Associazione Nazionale dell'Industria Sammarinese
Shield of arms of Sweden.svg Sweden Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Insigne incognitum.svg Turkey Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association
Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations
Arms of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom Confederation of British Industry

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