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Bse bux.png
The performance of the BUX during the 2008 crisis
FoundationJanuary 2, 1991
OperatorBudapest Stock Exchange
ExchangesBudapest Stock Exchange
Constituents12 to 25
Weighting methodFree-float capitalization-weighted
Related indicesCETOP20
WebsiteBUX Profile

BUX is a blue chip stock market index consisting up to 25 major Hungarian companies trading on the Budapest Stock Exchange. Prices are taken from the electronic Xetra trading system. According to the operator Budapest Stock Exchange, the BUX measures the performance of the Equities Prime Market’s 12 to 25 largest Hungarian companies in terms of order book volume and market capitalization.[1] It is the equivalent of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and DAX, the index shows the average price changing of the shares with the biggest market value and turnover in the equity section. Hereby this is the most important index number of the exchange trends.

BSE was one of the first in the world who started to use free-float capitalisation weightings instead of the traditional market capitalisation weightings in October 1999. The base date for the BUX is 2 January 1991 and it was started from a base value of 1,000. It is calculated in real time based on the actual market prices of a basket of shares. The BUX index is also a tradeable index. Its futures and option products are available in BSE’s derivatives section.

Ticker codes: Reuters: BUX,[2] Bloomberg: BUX.[3]


The current components and weightings of the index: BUX Composition

Since the March 2019 adjustment, the BUX consists of the following major Hungarian companies:

Company Exchange Ticker ICB Sector Date of listing Index weighting (%)
4iG BSE 4IG Telecommunications 2004-09-22 0.78
ANY Security Printing BSE ANY Diversified Industrials 2005-12-08 0.45
Appeninn Asset Management BSE APPENINN Real Estate 2010-07-02 0.33
AutoWallis BSE AUTOWALLIS Automobiles & Parts 2013-06-25 0.19
BIF BSE BIF Real Estate 1998-02-16 0.69
CIG Pannonia Life Insurance BSE CIGPANNONIA Insurance 2010-11-08 0.64
Graphisoft Park BSE GSPARK Real Estate 2006-08-28 0.68
Konzum BSE KONZUM Diversified Industrials 1990-11-01 0.76
Magyar Telekom BSE MTELEKOM Telecommunications 1997-11-14 6.24
MOL Group BSE MOL Oil & Gas 1995-11-28 29.54
Opus BSE OPUS Industrial Services 1998-04-22 1.52
OTP Bank BSE OTP Banks 1995-08-10 38.52
PannErgy BSE PANNERGY Industrial Services 1994-06-13 0.27
Gedeon Richter BSE RICHTER Pharmaceuticals 1994-11-09 18.95
Takarék Mortgage Bank Co Plc. BSE TAKAREKJZB Banks 2003-11-24 0.14
Waberer's International BSE WABERERS Industrial Transportation 2017-06-20 0.28

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