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BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSEBWXT), headquartered in Lynchburg, Virginia, is the government and nuclear operations unit of what used to be called Babcock & Wilcox.[1] Previously known as Babcock & Wilcox Technical Services Group, Inc., it is the group that operates the Y-12 National Security Complex, and a member of the Los Alamos National Security, LLC. The group also holds the contract to manage the Pantex plant in Texas, alongside Honeywell and Bechtel Corporation. They are also a part of Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC (LLNS), which was awarded the Management & Operation (M&O) contract to operate Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, on May 8, 2007, to commence on October 1, 2007.

After Babcock & Wilcox emerged from bankruptcy in 2006, that company and BWX Technologies (both subsidiaries of the McDermott International, Inc.) consolidated operations as The Babcock & Wilcox Companies[2] headed by President John Fees.[citation needed] Before a move to Charlotte, North Carolina, the company was headquartered in Lynchburg, Virginia,[1] with offices in the downtown district of the city.[citation needed]

On July 1, 2015, BWX Technologies Inc. began trading separately from its former subsidiary Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises Inc. after a spinoff.[3] Sandy Baker becomes CEO and Fees is chairman.[1] The company had 2,500 employees in Lynchburg and 4,500 total.[4]

Business units[edit]

B&W mPower, Inc.[edit]

Babcock & Wilcox mPower, Inc. was formed in 2012 to design, develop, license and deploy the B&W mPower reactor, a small modular nuclear reactor. The B&W mPower reactor – currently in development – is a scalable, modular reactor with the capacity to provide output in increments of 180 MWe for a four-year operating cycle without refueling. The business unit is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.[5]

B&W mPower Reactor

B&W announced in 2009 plans to design, develop, license and deploy a small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) called the B&W mPower reactor. The passively safe reactor has an output of 180 megawatts (electric) and is one of several SMRs in development by U.S. engineering firms. The mPower reactor features a full underground containment structure.[6] The reactor design is an integral Pressurized Water Reactor (iPWR) system in which the nuclear core and steam generators are contained within a single vessel.[7] B&W and engineering and construction firm Bechtel maintain an alliance called Generation mPower LLC to produce modular nuclear power plants using the B&W mPower reactor.[8]

More than two dozen utilities belong to the Generation mPower Industry Advisory Council and provide review, insights and feedback regarding licensing and design activities for the B&W mPower reactor. The Tennessee Valley Authority has signed a letter of intent to potentially build plants utilizing B&W mPower reactors.[9]

Nuclear Energy Group[edit]

B&W Nuclear Energy, Inc. (B&W NE) was formed in 2010 by the merger of two B&W business units, Nuclear Power Generation Group (B&W NPG) and Modular Nuclear Energy (B&W MNE). The combined company will specialize in providing products and services to the North American and worldwide commercial nuclear power industry, including the recently announced mPower modular nuclear reactor. B&W is the only North American company to continuously manufacture nuclear steam generators for the commercial nuclear power industry since the 1950s. B&W NE's headquarters are located in Charlotte, NC.

Nuclear Operations Group[edit]

B&W Nuclear Operations Group, Inc. (B&W NOG) specializes in the design and manufacture of nuclear products and services for U.S. government applications. B&W NOG has four operating locations throughout the United States. B&W NOG's Barberton, Ohio, and Mount Vernon, Indiana, locations specialize in the design and manufacture of large, heavy components. B&W NOG facilities in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Euclid, Ohio, design and supply components for United States government programs. Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. (NFS) is a subsidiary of B&W NOG, located in Erwin, Tennessee. B&W NOG's headquarters are located in Lynchburg, Virginia.[10]

Technical Services Group[edit]

B&W Technical Services Group, Inc. (B&W TSG) manages complex, high-consequence nuclear and national security operations, including nuclear production facilities and the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. B&W TSG also provides a broad range of technical services to the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration's operations. Headquartered in Lynchburg, Virginia, B&W TSG operates three businesses: managing and operating large manufacturing or site closure contracts for the U.S. government, facilitating laboratory services and managing technical services.[11] B&W TSG is a member of the Los Alamos National Security, LLC. They are also a part of Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC (LLNS), which was awarded the Management & Operation (M&O) contract to operate Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, on May 8, 2007, to commence on October 1, 2007


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