BYU Creamery

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BYU Creamery
Industry Ice cream parlor
Headquarters Provo, Utah, United States
Number of locations
Area served
Provo, Utah, United States
Products Dairy products
Parent Brigham Young University

The Brigham Young University Creamery is a grocery store for Brigham Young University students living in residence halls on campus. Students may purchase food and other items using their Signature Card accounts (an on-campus debit card system) or traditional payment methods. BYU Creamery has four locations in Provo, Utah: Creamery on Ninth East, Helaman Creamery, Wyview Creamery, and the Creamery Outlet.


The Creamery opened in 1949, providing milk for Brigham Young University’s campus. Soon, it began to sell ice cream, cheeses, and other University-produced dairy products. Today, in addition to its own line of foods, the Creamery sells various general supermarket items, from Rice Krispies to paper plates. The Creamery on Ninth East opened in August 2000, replacing Kent's Market, which closed during the 1998 – 1999 school year.[1] A Wymount location, located in the Wymount Terrace Administration Building, closed in 2010.


  • BYU's building block system abbreviates the Creamery on Ninth East as CONE.[1]


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