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The BYU Open Source Lab builds apps that assist local governments become more connected with their residents. Small and large cities and counties often do not have the financial ability to pay for expensive proprietary software software and systems. The BYU Open Source Lab uses open source software to enable cities and counties to cooperate to help improve the software for all of them, while benefiting from a more complete, functional and flexible system than they could normally afford to purchase individually. All of their work is both free and libre.

It is affiliated with BYU and the LDS Church


Citizen Budget[edit]

Citizen Budget is an online budgeting app that helps residents see how their taxes are being spent with charts and graphs. A city or county government uploads their complete financial data, and Citizen Budget automatically loads all funds and categories, showing yearly trends for easy analysis. For example, Cedar Hills maintains their budget with it [1] as can any other municipality for free.


Bookout is a person-to-person (P2P) lending library. It was designed for a small town without funds to build a public library, by utilizing the books that the residents own - enabling them to share directly with each other.


Leaf is designed to help find “holes” in the genealogy stored in FamilySearch, such as a person with missing information — (e.g. a birth or death certificates, family lines, etc.)

Their site is CC-BY-SA.


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