B Sides and C Sides

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B Sides and C Sides
Rancid - B Sides and C Sides cover.jpg
Compilation album by Rancid
Released December 11, 2007
Recorded 1992-2004
Genre Punk rock, hardcore punk, ska punk
Length 45:18
Label Rancid
Rancid chronology
B Sides and C Sides
Let the Dominoes Fall
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AbsolutePunk (63%) [1]

B Sides and C Sides is a compilation album by the American punk rock band Rancid. It was first released online on December 11, 2007,[2] followed by a standard release on January 15, 2008. It contains a number of B-sides and rare songs as well as compilation or soundtrack appearances plus 4 previously unreleased songs. The set spans from 1992 to 2004, therefore it doesn't include any songs recorded with current drummer Branden Steineckert.

B Sides and C Sides is also notable as being the band's first release since their hiatus in 2004, along with their seventh album Let the Dominoes Fall, which was released on June 2, 2009.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Rancid.

No. Title Original appearance Length
1. "Ben Zanotto" B side of the "Let Me Go" single (2000) 2:02
2. "Stop" B side of the "Bloodclot" single (1998) 1:41
3. "Devils Dance" Previously Unreleased. Record During LWW Sessions. 3:04
4. "Dead and Gone" B side of the "Let Me Go" single (2000) 2:06
5. "Stranded" B side of the "Fall Back Down" single (2003) 2:24
6. "Killing Zone" Bonus track on the vinyl version of Indestructible, B side of the "Fall Back Down" single (2003) 2:39
7. "100 Years" Previously Unreleased. Record During LWW Sessions. 1:56
8. "Things to Come" B side on the "Hooligans" single (1998) 3:09
9. "Blast 'Em" B side on the "Time Bomb" single (1995), Bored Generation compilation on Epitaph Records (1996) 2:29
10. "Endrina" B side of the "Bloodclot" single (1998) 1:14
11. "White Knuckle Ride" "Old Skars & Upstarts" compilation on Disaster Records (1999) 1:24
12. "Sick Sick World" Japanese version of Rancid (2000), Warped Tour Compilation (2001), "Sick Sick World" 12-inch single on Rancid Records (2003) 1:16
13. "Tattoo" Soundtrack album to Taylor Steele's surf movie The Show on Theologian Records (1998) 2:06
14. "That's Entertainment" B side on the "Ruby Soho" single (1995) 1:29
15. "Clockwork Orange" Previously Unreleased. Record During LWW Sessions. 2:45
16. "The Brothels" Give 'Em the Boot compilation (1997) 2:57
17. "Just a Feeling" Radio Radio Radio EP (1993), Fat Music for Fat People compilation (1994) 1:57
18. "Brixton" (missing verse from original version) Rock Stars Kill compilation on Kill Rock Stars Records (1994) 2:25
19. "Empros Lap Dog" Previously Unreleased. Record During LWW Sessions. 1:54
20. "I Wanna Riot" Punk-O-Rama Vol. 1 compilation (1994), B side of the "Roots Radicals" single (1995) 3:06
21. "Kill the Lights" Old Skars & Upstarts compilation on Disaster Records (1999) 1:18

Tour version/Import bonus tracks (all originally appeared on the Rancid vinyl EP on Lookout! Records in 1992)
No. Title Length
22. "I'm Not the Only One" 2:51
23. "Battering Ram" 2:58
24. "The Sentence" 1:39
25. "Media Controller" 1:58
26. "Idle Hands" 2:02

Double LP Vinyl release
No. Title Length
22. "Blacklisted"  
23. "X-Mas Eve (She Got Up And Left Me)"  
24. "Fuck You"  

Songs omitted[edit]

Text on the Rancid website promoting the CD collection reads "Throughout the years we've had a lot of songs that were unreleased or released on compilations, soundtracks and as b-sides. Now we've compiled them all onto one album to make available for all of you."[3] This claim of completeness is overstated, as many additional songs are omitted from the collection despite having appearing on official releases throughout the years. These include all the songs from Rancid's first eponymous 7" EP (on Lookout! Records 1992) as well as all but one ("Just a Feeling", which does appear on the collection) from the Radio Radio Radio 7" EP (Fat Wreck Chords 1993). As noted above, a subsequent Japanese pressing of the CD from Sony Japan as well as an American repressing include the Lookout! EP as "bonus tracks". Additional omissions include:

The following are cover songs that Rancid have recorded that have appeared on official releases, none of which appeared on B-Sides and C-Sides:

  • "Can't Forgive", originally performed by Embrace, from the Land of Greed, World of Need Embrace covers compilation on Trustkill Records (1994), later featured on the Trustkill sampler Choice Cuts.
  • "My Life", originally performed by Sick of It All, from the Ten Years Later compilation on Bossa Nova Records (1997).
  • "The Harder They Come", originally performed by Jimmy Cliff, performed live with the Stubborn All-Stars, from the Tibetan Freedom Concert live compilation boxed set on Capitol Records (1997).
  • "Cheat", originally performed by The Clash, from the Burning London: The Clash Tribute compilation on Sony Records (1999).
  • "If the Kids Are United", originally performed by Sham 69, from the Give 'Em the Boot II compilation on Hellcat Records (1999).
  • "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker", originally performed by the Ramones, from the We're a Happy Family: A Tribute to the Ramones compilation on Sony Records (2003).

Other notable omissions include 3 songs on the Give 'Em the Boot II (1999) compilation upon which Rancid were not credited by name as a unit, but all members of the band acted as backing band to a notable Jamaican dancehall MC, these being:

  • "Tell Me What You're Feeling", credited to Nocturnal, on which Rancid backs Mad Lion
  • "Misty Days", on which Rancid backs Buju Banton, a second, alternate mix of which was featured on Banton's album Unchained Spirit, under the title "No More Misty Days"
  • "Bruk Out," on which Rancid backs Buccaneer, which was also featured on Buccaneer's album Da Opera as "Bruk Out (Rancid Rock Mix)"

There are officially released remix versions of Rancid songs to appear elsewhere than their albums (despite being the same studio sessions as the album tracks); these include:

  • "Coppers (Brooklyn Version)", a remix of the song from Life Won't Wait, in which Rancid collaborate with Dr. Israel, which appears on Dr. Israel's album Inna City Pressure on Mutant Sound System (1998) and later re-released by Roir Records.
  • "Cash, Culture, and Violence (Bass Drop Mix)", a remix of the song from Life Won't Wait, a b-side of the "Hooligans" single.

The following songs were recorded during various demo sessions throughout Rancid's career, and studio versions exist on widely circulated bootlegs, however, they have never been mastered for any official releases:

  • "Bad Policeman" (was recorded by Tim Armstrong's band The Silencers for the first Give 'Em the Boot compilation)
  • "Borderline"
  • "Burn This City Down"
  • "Little Rude Girl" (which was later recorded by Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards for their second album, Viking)
  • "End of the Line"
  • "End of the World Tonight"
  • "Ghost Dance"
  • "Inhalation"
  • "Institution"
  • "Leave It to Tomorrow"
  • "Moonlight"
  • "Opposition"
  • "Sabrina"
  • "Take You" (an early version of "Injury" with different lyrics)
  • "To Hell"
  • "I'm Against It" (originally performed by the Ramones)"