Baía das Gatas

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Baía das Gatas
Baia das gatas.jpg
Baía das Gatas is located in Cape Verde
Baía das Gatas
Coordinates: 16°54′11″N 24°54′36″W / 16.903°N 24.910°W / 16.903; -24.910Coordinates: 16°54′11″N 24°54′36″W / 16.903°N 24.910°W / 16.903; -24.910
Country Cape Verde
Island São Vicente
Municipality São Vicente
Civil parish Nossa Senhora da Luz
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 162

Baía das Gatas is a village in the northeastern part of the island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde. It is situated on the coast, approximately 8 km east of the island capital Mindelo. It takes its name from the bay it is situated on, also named Baía das Gatas. The name of the bay is named for abundance of catfish (gata, gata-tubarões in Portuguese, gata, gata-tubarois in Cape Verdean Creole). Its English name, not used literally as Catfish Bay.

Other nearby places include Salamansa to the west and Lameirão to the southwest. Neighboring beaches include Praia do Norte in the west and the wide Praia Grande in the east. Baía de Salamansa is its closest bay to the west. The surrounding landscape consists of shrubs and a barren landscape, as did before the island's first settlement was founded.

About the bay and the village[edit]

Beach of Baía das Gatas, São Vicente, Cabo Verde

The village has electricity and utilities, all of its water supply are from water tanks brought from the island capital Mindelo. Also the village has a few restaurants. Public transports served by aluguer are served only weekends and its services are not frequent.

The bay was mentioned as "Baye des Ghat" (Modern French: Baie des Chat, then as Baie-des-Chat, Dutch: "Kattebaai") in the 1747 French/Dutch map by Jacques Nicolas Bellin.

The National Fish Development Institute (Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento das Pescas (INDP)) is located in the northeasternmost point, it is operated in cooperation with GEOMAR. It is also home to the Cape Verdean Ocean Observatory (CVAO) for detecting atmospheric and weather conditions.[2]

In 2013, the village became connected with a road to Calhau and Madeiral running through the east of the island, first constructed around 2010. In 2015, new streets have been paved in the western portion where houses, hotels, villas and a gulf club may be constructed.

Panoramics include the east of the island including Monte Calhau and Monte Verde, the island's summit. In the north, the easternmost of the island of Santo Antão are seen and in the southeast Santa Luzia.

Music festival[edit]

Since 1984, the Festival de Música da Baía das Gatas is held every year in a full moon weekend in August on the beach of Baía das Gatas. It features local and international music.[3]


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