Bačko Petrovo Selo

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Bačko Petrovo Selo
Бачко Петрово Село
Center of the village with the Catholic Church
Center of the village with the Catholic Church
Official seal of Bačko Petrovo Selo
Nickname(s): Pecelló
Bačko Petrovo Selo is located in Serbia
Bačko Petrovo Selo
Bačko Petrovo Selo
Coordinates: 45°42′N 20°5′E / 45.700°N 20.083°E / 45.700; 20.083
Country  Serbia
Province  Vojvodina
Population (2002)
 • Total 7,318
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Backo Petrovo Selo and Orthodox Church in sunset

Bačko Petrovo Selo (Serbian Cyrillic: Бачко Петрово Село; Hungarian: Péterréve, German: Batschko Petrovo Selo) is a village located in the Bečej municipality, in the South Bačka District of Serbia. It is situated in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The village has a Hungarian ethnic majority and its population numbering 7,318 people (2002 census).


In the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Bačko Petrovo Selo was the largest village in the whole country.[citation needed] The village is located on the right bank of the river Tisa. There are two monuments in the village dedicated to the people killed in the Second World War. Bačko Petrovo Selo had a very developed economy and agriculture, but is now faced with economic downfall and serious depopulation.

Ethnic groups (2002 census)[edit]

Population of the village include:

Historical population[edit]

  • 1961: 10,410
  • 1971: 9,645
  • 1981: 8,959
  • 1991: 7,958
  • 2002: 7,318


The Serbian Orthodox monastery "Uspenje Presvete Bogorodice" is located near Bačko Petrovo Selo. It is an important landmark of the village. The monastery possess a well with a holy water that cure people from diseases. Every year, at the day of celebration of the monastery ("manastirska slava"), many people come to visit a monastery and take a holy water.


Bačko Petrovo Selo has a very developed economy and agriculture. It possess very rich and flat land with highly fertile soil. The village has two economical factories that are indebted to produce fruits and vegetables, which are later delivered to Bečej, to the vegetable factory "Flora".


Bačko Petrovo Selo possess a primary school "Samu Mihalj" / "Samu Mihály". The school consists of two parts, old building and new building. In the old building is education from one to four levels and in the new building is education from five to eight levels. The school also possess a school hall. The lectures are attended in both languages, Serbian and Hungarian. The both nations have a lectures in their own languages.[1]


Bačko Petrovo Selo has a football (soccer) and handball teams. Both teams are called "Jedinstvo".[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 45°42′N 20°05′E / 45.700°N 20.083°E / 45.700; 20.083