Baťa's Skyscraper

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Baťa's Skyscraper
Baťa's Skyscraper after the reconstruction in 2004.
General information
LocationZlín, Czech Republic
Construction started1936
Roof77.5 m (254 ft)
Technical details
Floor count16
Design and construction
ArchitectVladimír Karfík

Baťa's Skyscraper, also known as Building No. 21 is a skyscraper in Zlín, Czech Republic. It is 77.5 metres high and has sixteen floors. It was the administration building of the shoemaking factory Bata Shoes. Now it is headquarters of the Zlín Region. This building was one of the first high-rise buildings in Europe—being the second tallest pre-war skyscraper after Antwerp's Boerentoren. The building is in constructivist architecture and was designed by Vladimír Karfík.

The building was built between 1937 and 1938 at the instruction of Jan Antonín Baťa.

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Coordinates: 49°13′23.66″N 17°39′29.87″E / 49.2232389°N 17.6582972°E / 49.2232389; 17.6582972