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La Mójina
Bañuela is located in Spain
Location in Spain
Highest point
Elevation 1,332 m (4,370 ft)
Coordinates 38°25′14.34″N 4°14′9.29″W / 38.4206500°N 4.2359139°W / 38.4206500; -4.2359139Coordinates: 38°25′14.34″N 4°14′9.29″W / 38.4206500°N 4.2359139°W / 38.4206500; -4.2359139
Location Ciudad Real Province
(Castile-La Mancha)
Parent range Sierra Madrona, Sierra Morena
First ascent Unknown
Easiest route Hike from Fuencaliente

Bañuela or La Bañuela, also known as La Mójina,[1] is the highest peak of the Sierra Morena, Spain.


The mountain is 1,332 m high and it is located in a range known as Sierra de Navalmanzano, part of the Sierra Madrona range, at the southern end of Ciudad Real Province, Castile-La Mancha. It is mostly covered with matorral scrubland where plants such as Cistus, Erica and rosemary predominate.

There is a good hiking route to reach the peak starting from Fuencaliente,[2] but there is no marked path to reach the peak after reaching a certain height. This makes it difficult to find the summit in misty weather. There is a triangulation pillar on the crest, but it is not exactly at the highest point, which is located nearby.[3]

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