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For the Eddie Vedder funk rock band, see Bad Radio.
BaD Radio
BaD Radio 2000th Show.jpg
Genre Sports/Talk2
Running time 3 hours
Country USA
Language(s) English
Home station KTCK (AM)
Bob Sturm,
Dan McDowell,
Donovan Lewis,
Jake Kemp,
Producer(s) Jake Kemp[citation needed]
Recording studio Dallas, TX
Air dates since June 14, 1999[citation needed]
No. of episodes 4004 and counting[citation needed]
Website Bob, Dan, and Donovan's site

The BaD Radio Show (short for Bob and Dan) is a midday radio program on Dallas, Texas radio station KTCK, "1310AM, The Ticket". The show is hosted by Bob Sturm, Dan McDowell, and Donovan Lewis, airing Monday through Friday from 12pm to 3pm.

Cast members[edit]

Bob Sturm[edit]

Originally from Wisconsin, Bob graduated from Liberty University[citation needed] and started his broadcasting career in Lynchburg, Virginia. He eventually came to Dallas in 1998, where he became the host of The Ticket's night time show. He is affectionately referred to as "The Sturminator." Bob is often called a "sports bully" on the show because he constantly intimidates his audience and guests with his encyclopedic sports knowledge,[citation needed] declaring that he's not "just some dude in the next cubicle over." Bob also hosts the Dallas Cowboys pre-game show. Bob's Blog is updated daily.

Dan McDowell[edit]

Dan is Bob's counterpart—a native of Cleveland, Ohio, Dan graduated with a degree in Communications and a minor in Sports Science from Ohio University.[citation needed] McDowell hosted a midday show in Youngstown, Ohio and eventually moved to Dallas, in 1999, to become the host of The Ticket's midday show.[citation needed] It is well documented in P1 lore that Dan brings the funny, while Bob brings the lunch pail.

Donovan Lewis[edit]

Donovan is the show's "Yuck Monkey," in Ticket lexicon, and delivers the show's opening.[citation needed] He transferred to "The Ticket" in 2006 after working for sister station KDBN "93.3 The Bone", where he was known as "The Bone Brotha."[citation needed] He is known to his audience on "The Ticket" as "The Great Donovan," "Donnie-Doo," or "Stink".[citation needed] A proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha while a student at East Texas State University (now Texas A&M-Commerce), Donnie has several regular segments, including, Daily Donovan, where he visits a variety of sports-related topics, Ask a Black Guy, and the wildly popular Ghetto Jeopardy.

Donovan is also a frequent executor of the 'Upper Decker', stating that it is "just what you do in the community."[citation needed]

Tom Gribble[edit]

Tom is the show's former producer. Not born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tom graduated from Texas A&M University and started his radio career as an intern for Kidd Kraddick, on flagship station KHKS "KISS FM"[citation needed]. While there, according to Dan, Gribble fathered "Big Al." He also earned the nickname "Flakeboy," (not be confused with "AM Flakeboy" Dan) originating from a stunt during which he went to a supermarket and asked for a single flake of cereal. Gribble then served in Iraq. Afterwords, he returned to Dallas and became the producer of BaD radio. Tom can often be seen going about town screaming phrases such as, "This is amazing," "Merry Christmas Philadelphia," "Merry Christmas Eagles," and "3 and 0 in the month of December against the NFC East, on the road." Tom Gribble is also known as "Scoops Callahan: The 1920s Reporter Guy". Tom enjoys working out.


Michael Gruber currently attends The University of Phoenix and majors in Women's Studies. But he's most well known for his friendship with Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki based on Dirk's purchase of Gruber's parent's home in Dallas, Tx.

He recently announced a long time ago that he will be leaving the ticket to attend the University of North Texas, and then left.

Jake Kemp[edit]

With Gribble's departure, Jake Kemp moved up the show ladder as the producer .[1] He also hosts the podcast "It's Just Banter," with fellow KTCK employee, T.C. Fleming, as well as "The Shake Joint" with Sean "Sea Bass" Bass.

Kemp is perhaps most well known for his hatred of space and space-related topics. He is a proud alumnus of Richland High School (Texas).


Homer Call of the Week[edit]

Homer Call of the Week, one of the "most popular segments of the show," is a collection of audio highlights in which sports announcers express overzealous zeal for the team they are paid to cover.[2] Clips are voted on by the hosts, ranked based on absurdity, weekly.

Gay or Not Gay[edit]

Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell ask the hypothetical question, “is this gay, or not gay?,” based on descriptions of situations submitted by listeners. The bit is a tribute to broadcasters Opie and Anthony, who originated it.[3]

Ask Sports Sturm[edit]

Host Bob Sturm reviews questions, submitted by listeners, which cover unusual or challenging sports topics.

What's on my Tivo[edit]

Bob and Dan discuss TV shows of the day based on the contents of their DVRs.

Guest Booking League (GBL)[4][edit]

During the summer sports lull, after hockey and basketball end, a draft of potential future guests is conducted. In order to level the playing field, Hollywood A-listers are placed in a category separate to that of the more bookable personalities. This is commonly a venue the show utilizes to recall memorable film and TV characters (like The Oh Face Guy from Office Space[5] and Jon Gries from Napoleon Dynamite) and to learn what the actors who portrayed them are doing, now. Rather than crowning a league champion, the show institutes a punishment for the two lowest point totals. Past punishments have included going to Dallas Stars game in full medieval knight's costume and skydiving (though not at the same time). For an unknown reason, likely related to the Ebola crisis caused by friends touching their friends, the GBL did not take place in 2014.

1920s Reporter Guy – Scoops Callahan[edit]

Tom Gribble takes on a persona of a cub reporter from the 1920s, complete with 1920s lingo. This character is commonly referred to as "Scoops Callahan." The character asks legitimate questions in an unconventional way, typically at the end of a sports press conference.[6][7][8][9][10][11]

Irv and Joe Game[edit]

On road trips, BaD Radio competes to see who can pirate the most airtime off of a local radio station by posing as a caller. Extra seconds are awarded for changing topics, working in ticket host names and dropping in a "baby arm."

Ron Wolfley[edit]

"Snap in to a Slim Jim!"


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