Ba Phnum District

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Ba Phnom

Ba Phnom is located in Cambodia
Ba Phnom
Ba Phnom
Location in Cambodia
Coordinates: 11°14′N 105°22′E / 11.233°N 105.367°E / 11.233; 105.367
Country Cambodia
ProvincePrey Veng
 • Total71,662
Time zone+7

Ba Phnom District (Khmer: ស្រុកបាភ្នំ sometimes spelled "Ba Phnum") is a district located in Prey Veng Province, in south eastern Cambodia. The hills surrounding the town are the highest elevation points in Prey Veng province. In Khmer, Ba means "ancestor" and Phnom means "hill." When combined, the town is known as "Hill of the Ancestors."

Ba Phnom is a relatively remote location and has been attractive to ascenti monks (loak dhutang) for centuries. It has also been an occasional center from which millennial movements have radiated throughout Khmer history.

Ba Phnom is a site of interest for Cambodian historians. According to some accounts, the area is the birthplace of the Khmer people. An inscription on Wat Jaan, the pre-Angkorian temple at the base of the mountain (ca. 629 AD), associates Ba Phnom with Shiva and refers to it as "the holy mountain."

Ba Phnom was prominently featured in many of the rural scenes in the 2016 documentary Angkor Awakens.

Human sacrifices were made here until 1872. Khmer Kings made pilgrimage here.

Funan capital city[edit]

Ba Phnom has purportedly been the location of Vyadhapura, capital of the Kingdom of Funan.


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Coordinates: 11°14′N 105°22′E / 11.233°N 105.367°E / 11.233; 105.367