Baader (film)

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Directed by Christopher Roth
Produced by Stephan Fruth
Christopher Roth
Mark Glaser
Screenplay by Christopher Roth
Moritz von Uslar
Starring Frank Giering
Laura Tonke
Vadim Glowna
Birge Schade
Music by Bob Last
Cinematography Bella Halben
Jutta Pohlmann
Edited by Barbara Ries
Cristopher Roth
Release date
Running time
110 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Baader is a 2002 German film directed by Christopher Roth. It is a biopic about revolutionary Andreas Baader of the notorious Red Army Faction ("the Baader-Meinhof Gang") which operated mainly in West Germany during the 1970s.

The leading roles are played by Frank Giering (Andreas Baader) and Laura Tonke (Gudrun Ennslin). Birge Schade portrays Ulrike Meinhof.[1]

Though the script is inspired by real-life persons and events, the storyline of the film continuously mixes fact and fiction.

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