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Baal Veer

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Baal Veer
Baalveer Title Card.jpg
Created by
Written byAmit Senchoudhary
Screenplay byRohit Malhotra
Directed by
  • Maan Sing
  • Thusar Bhatia
  • Kushal Awasthi
  • Sanjay Satavase
  • Dev Joshi
  • Sudeepa Singh
  • Anushka Sen
  • Rudra Soni
  • Shama Sikander
  • Shweta Kawatra
  • Sharmilee Raj
  • Aditi Sajwan
  • Nigaar Khan
  • Vansh Sayani
  • Pavitra Punia
  • Krutika Desai
  • Anahita Bhooshan
Composer(s)Lenin Nandi
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes1255
Executive producer(s)Rajan Singh
CinematographyPushpank Gawade
Editor(s)Hemant Kumar
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Optimystix Entertainment
DistributorSony Pictures Networks India
Original networkSAB TV
Picture format
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release8 October 2012 (2012-10-08) –
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Baal Veer is an Indian fantasy television series.[1] It premiered 8 October 2012 on SAB TV and stars Dev Joshi in the titular lead role.[2] It is produced by Optimystix Entertainment with screenplay by Rohit Malhotra.[3]

The first season was aired for 1111 episodes and went off air in November 2016.[4][5] A second season titled Baal Veer Returns premiered on 10 September 2019.[6]


Season 1

The story revolves around a boy Baal Veer, who is blessed with the powers of 7 fairies, Gaal Pari (Cheek Fairy), Vijhdar Pari (Electric Fairy), Baal Pari (Tress Fairy), Atkaati Pari (Obstacle Fairy), Aarpar Pari (Across Fairy), Bhatkati Pari (Wander Fairy) and Natkhat Pari (Naughty Fairy) and Rani Pari (Queen Fairy) to fight with evil fairy Bhayankar Pari (Frightening Fairy) who wants to become Rani Pari and take revenge from Maa Pari (Mother Fairy), who gave Pari Lok's (Fairy Realm's) throne to Bahuroopi Pari (Disguise Fairy) instead of her. Baal Veer is sent to Earth to help children and to save Earth from Bhayankar Pari's and other cunning and cruel fairies evil wrath. Baalveer stays with Dagli family as Ballu on Earth who is known to be family who will never lie with 7 family members including Manav and Meher who were also given powers later on by Rani Pari to become Baal Mitra and Baal Sakhi respectively and to help Baal Veer in his quests and adventures.

Season 2

Timnasa, an evil enchantress and the queen of Kaal Lok (Black Realm) has her eyes on Baal Veer to kill him. Meanwhile, Pari Lok is destroyed and only some fairies (the Paris) who remain were Masti Pari (Fun Fairy), Jwala Pari (Fire Fairy), Pani Pari (Water Fairy), Dhwani Pari (Sound Fairy), Vayu Pari (Wind Fairy), Netra Pari (Vision Fairy), Saral Pari (Simple Fairy) and their leader, Baalveer's mother Baal Pari (Tress Fairy). After sensing the threat of Kaal Lok, the fairies retreat to Veer Lok (Brave Realm), whose guardian is a white lion, Shaurya.

In Kaal Lok, Bhaymaar, a general, yearns to usurp the throne but he and Timnasa unite to kill Baal Veer. Baal Veer now has a mission in hand to find a new, younger Baal Veer, who is on Earth. It is revealed to be a seemingly 9-year old boy named Vivaan. Saral Pari is killed and eaten by the Protector of Kaal Lok a Black Panther, Akroor. Timnasa enters Netra Pari's body for finding Baalveer's successor. Vivaan doesn’t believe in Baal Veer. However, Baal Veer still struggles to find his successor and to save him from the evil hands of the people of Kaal Lok. Baal Veer successfully finds his successor whereas Timnasa turns Baal Pari as evil Kaal Pari.

After Veer Snan and Param Pareeksha Vivan receives the powers of Baal Veer, Vayu pari, Pani pari, Jwala pari, Masti pari and Dhwani pari and becomes junior Baalveer. Both Baalveers fight together with all cruel powers of Kaal Lok.

Timnasa with the help of Kaal Pari receives a Vartamaan Mani (The Present Gem). She and Bhaymaar reach Past Baghdad 1000 Years ago and meet evil Wazir Zafar to get his Jinn Ginu in exchange of Bhaymaar. Ginu gives Timnasa Bhoot Mani (The Past Gem). But both the Baalveers and Aladdin stop Timnasa from arranging Bhavishya Mani (The Future Gem) on Mahatrikaal Singhasan. After that Timnasa becomes weaker. Baalveer and Fairies attack Kaal Lok and defeat Bhaymaar. They try to capture Timnasa but at a nick of time Akroor saves her from Baalveer. She runs towards the Sarvakaal temple and receives powers from her power source. Baalveer is then revealed that her power source is none other than God Sarvakaal who is imprisoned by Timnasa. God Sarvkaal tells Baal Veer about Timnasa, who was also a Pari in Pari Lok many years ago but when she was made Baal Veer for one day, she showed her ego and misused her powers and was boycotted by Baal Pari (Pari Maa) and Pari Lok.

On his birthday, Vivaan receives all his powers and when Baal Veer and Vivaan go to destroy Timnasa's power source (Sarvkal) , Baal Veer does a mistake for which his powers are taken by Shaurya forever.

Baal Veer loses his memory and lives on Prithvi Lok (Earth) as Debu. In Kaal Lok evil Bhaymar recreates Nagini, the Medusa (who was killed by Baal Veer and Aladdin in the past). On the Valentine's day, Ananya joins the Bharat Nagar society. After Timnasa suspects that Baal Veer still has his powers, a new saviour of the world, Naqabposh (The Masked Man) arrives and Timnasa is confused. After a series of events, both Timnasa and Vivaan are sure that Naqabposh, Baal Veer and Debu are all different people. Later, it is revealed that Naqabposh, Baal Veer and Debu are the same people and Baal Veer's powers were not taken by Shaurya and it was their plan to confuse Timnasa and divert her attention towards fighting only one Baal Veer, Vivaan and a "different" saviour, Naqabposh.


Season No. of episodes Originally broadcast (India)
First aired Last aired
1 1111 8 October 2012 (2012-10-08) 4 November 2016 (2016-11-04)
2 144 10 September 2019 (2019-09-10)



Season 1



Guest appearances

Season 2


  • Dev Joshi as Senior Baal Veer/Dev Joshi/Debu/Naqab Posh, the savior of the world from Veer Lok. He is adopted son of Baal Pari whom she had brought from a village of Rajasthan (a state of India). Baal Veer lived in Pari Lok for several years and at the age of eleven he received all his powers from Rani Pari. Baal Veer had been fighting the evil for many years to save the world. Baalveer had been terrifically defeating Timnasa of Kaal Lok. (2019–present)
  • Vansh Sayani as Vivaan/Junior Baalveer or Baalveer's successor. Vivaan is the son of Karuna and grandson of Dadaji. He is big fan of Salman Khan, a renowned Bollywood actor. Vivan proves himself as an able Baal Veer and makes Baal Veer proud of himself. (2019–present)
  • Pavitra Punia as Timnasa , evil queen of Kaal Lok and biggest enemy of Baalveer. She is also called as 'Bhay Rani'. Timnasa was boycotted from Pari Lok by Baal Pari (Pari Maa) because of her ego and evil, when she was made Baal Veer for one day. In order to take revenge from Baal Pari and people of Pari Lok Timnasa went to Kaal Lok and prisoned the god of Kaal Lok 'Sarvkal' and became the Bhay Rani of Kaal Lok. (2019–present)
  • Sharmilee Raj as Baal Pari (Pari Maa), Baal Veer's mother and Leader of Fairies. Baal Pari is a fairy with the powers of hairs. She is most powerful fairy of Pari Lok. All fairies and Shaurya follow her advice.(2019–present) / Kaal Pari, a companion of Timnasa. Kaal Pari had been supporting Timnasa in her hollow efforts to defeat Baal Veer. Recently she was stabbed by Timnasa. (2019–2020, present)
  • Krutika Desai as Masti Pari, a fairy of Pari Lok (Fun Fairy). At most of the time she accompanies and guides Vivaan like Natkhat Pari of Season 1 (who used to guide Baal Veer throughout his journey). She has powers to increase or decrease her size /Megha, one of Dev's sisters (2019–present)
  • Anahita Bhooshan as Ananya, a gymnast and new member of Bharatnagar society. Ananya is a fan of Baalveer and later of Naqabposh. She is also the love interest of Baalveer in his human form, Dev or Debu. (2020–present)


  • Bhaweeka Chaudhary as Pani Pari , a fairy of Pari Lok with the power of water (Water Fairy) /Payal, one of Dev's sisters (2019–present)
  • Khushi Mukharjee as Jwala Pari , a fairy of Pari Lok with the power of fire (Fire Fairy) /Jiya one of Dev's sisters (2019–present)
  • Amika Shail as Vayu Pari, a fairy of Pari Lok with the power of wind (Wind Fairy) /Vidhi, one of Dev's sisters (2019–present)
  • Anuradha Khaira as Dhwani Pari, a fairy of Pari Lok with the power of sound (Sound Fairy) /Diksha, one of Dev's sisters (2019–present)
  • Aditya Ranvijay as Bhaymar, the loyal warlord of Kaal Lok. He always competes with Timnasa to take over the throne of Kaal Lok by defeating Baal Veers. He is called 'Bhay Raja' by Tauba Tauba. He is extremely talented in controlling venomous organisms like Udhvanshak, Zehrua and Nagini. He is always appreciated by Timnasa for his loyalty towards Kaal Lok. (2019–present)
  • Shridhar Watsar as Dooba Dooba, best friend of Baalveer (Dev) and a young she-elephant calf named Kiki/Tauba Tauba, sidekick of Bhaymaar (2019 – present)
  • Atul Verma as Jabdali, a companion of Timnasa. He is a ridiculous character with his line, "Nanhi ungli ki kasam" (2019–present)
  • Priya Sharma as Nagini, the queen of snakes and venom, called by Bhaymar. She is a Gorgon. She was killed in the past by Baal Veer in Baghdad. She came back to seek revenge from Baal Veer. She is loyal towards Bhaymar, his master. She died because of her own Poison.(2020)
  • Jaya Binju Tyagi as Karuna, Vivaan's and Khushi's mother. Karuna is a business woman living in Bharat Nagar with her two children and father-in-law. She has tiffin business. (2019–present)
  • Khushi Bhardwaj as Khushi, Vivaan’s sister and Karuna's daughter. She is a very good girl who always listens to her elders and loves her family. (2019–present)
  • Arista Mehta as Sutli Girpade, Vivaan and Gopu’s close friend. She belongs to a middle class family living in Bharat Nagar and she is intelligent. Her mother Padmini lives with Sutli's maternal uncle, Inspector Shantaram Girpade. (2019 – present)
  • Aarna Bhadoriya as Chinti Mishra, Chintu’s sister, who keeps on troubling Vivaan and his paltan[clarification needed] with her brother Chintu. (2019 – present)
  • Abhay Bhadoriya as Chintu Mishra, Chinti’s brother, who keeps on troubling Vivaan and his paltan with his sister Chintu. (2019 – present)
  • Hridyansh Shekhawat as Gopu Chheda, Vivaan and Sutli’s close friend. His father is the owner of a general store in Bharat Nagar. (2019 – present)
  • Tapan A.Bhatt as Dadaji, Vivaan and Khushi's paternal grandfather and Karuna's father-in-law. He is very talktive person. (2019 — present)
  • Saran Tiwari as Mr.Munna Mishra, a selfish and greedy man who is Chintu-Chinti's father and Kamini's husband. He always show-off his richness. (2019 — present)
  • Anuradha Verma as Mrs.Kamini Mishra, Chintu-Chinti's mother and Munna's wife. She also show-off her richness but very less than Munna. (2019 — present)
  • Akshay Bhagat as Mr.Ratilal Chheda, Gopu's father and Diwali's husband who owns a shop. He is a miser man. (2019 — present)
  • Neha Prajapati as Diwali Chheda, Gopu's mother and Ratilal's wife. She is a very caring mother towards her son Gopu. (2019—present)
  • Ajay Padhye as Inspector Shantaram Girpade, a bachelor police Sub-Inspector who is Sutli's maternal uncle and Padmini's younger brother. He loves Masti Pari in her human form, Megha and always tries to impress her. (2019 — present)
  • Shruti Gopal as Mrs.Padmini Girpade, Sutli's mother and Girpade's elder sister and her husband is unknown. She is a middle class woman and does'nt have enough money to fulfil Sutli's demands. (2019 — present)
  • Heer Chopra as Saral Pari, a fairy of Pari Lok with power of Simplicity who can make anything hard as simple. She was killed by Akroor for scaring Netra Pari. (2019)
  • Alisha Chaudhary in two roles as Netra Pari and as Timnasa, Netra Pari is a fairy of Pari Lok with power of Vision. Her body was used by Timnasa against Baalveer for finding his successor. Later she was killed by Timnasa. (2019)
  • Purvesh Pimple as Montu, Chintu-Chinti's Cousin (2020)


  • Siddharth Nigam as Aladdin, the savior of Baghdad from the past. He came from the past with Vivaan to help Baal Veer in defeating Timnasa in her attempt to become 'Trikal Bhay Rani'. Aladdin bravely competed Timnasa and her companions. Later, he went back in past to Baghdad with Ginu. (2020)
  • Raashul Tandon as Ginu or Chirag ka Jinn (Genie of the Lamp) who was brought by Timnasa from Zafar, the former Grand Vizier of Baghdad of past. He was hypothesized by Timnasa such that he helps Timnasa in her attempt to become 'Trikal Bhay Rani'. He was a very powerful Genie and he was loyal to Aladdin. Although Timnasa managed to achieve the 'Bhoot Mani' and 'Bhavishya Mani' with the help of Ginu but her plans were destroyed by Aladdin and Baal Veers. Later, he went back to the past with his master Aladdin. (2020)
  • Aamir Dalvi as Zafar, a deceptive sorcerer, the former Grand Vizier of Baghdad and a greedy man who plans to take over the world through the Genie of the Lamp's powers from the past. (2020)


Baalveer Returns did a crossover with series Aladdin - Naam Toh Suna Hoga from 27 January 2020 to 31 January 2020.[8]


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