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Baava VideoCover.png
Directed by Rambabu
Produced by Padma Kumar Chowdary ML
Starring Siddharth Narayan
Music by Chakri
Cinematography Aravind Krishna
Distributed by Sri Keerthi
Release date
  • 29 October 2010 (2010-10-29)
Country India
Language Telugu

Baava is a 2010 Telugu film, the debut film of director Ram Babu and starring Siddharth Narayan and Pranitha. The music was composed by Chakri. It is a romantic comedy with village backdrop.[1] The film was a major success at the box office. The movie was remade in 2012 in Bangladeshi Bengali as Bhalobasar Rong produced by Jaaz Multimedia.


Veerababu(Siddharth Narayan) was a carefree youth, lives in a village with his parents. His father Seetharam (Gadde Rajendra Prasad) marries a girl from big family against her family's wishes and they do not accept them as part of their family. All his life, he spends time regretting that he separated his wife from her family and yearns to be part of big family. He wants his son to marry a girl from a big family and have a status of son-in-law.

Meanwhile Veerababu falls in love with Varalakshmi (Pranitha Subhash), girl from nearby village. Later it gets revealed that she is his mother side relative and they do not agree to their marriage. Seetharam worries that his son's fate is going to be just like him and tries to dissuade him from marrying Varalakshmi. But later he helps his son and story revolves around how Veerababu wins the hearts of his girlfriend's family members and ends with their family accepting both the couples as part of their family.



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