Babek District

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Map of Azerbaijan showing Babek Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Babek Rayon
Country  Azerbaijan
Autonomous republic Nakhchivan
Settlement 1
Villages 36
Babek District 23 October 1978
Capital Babek
 • Executive power Huseynaliyev E.
 • Total 828,42 km2 (31,985 sq mi)
 • Total 71,400
 • Density 0.86/km2 (2.2/sq mi)
Time zone AZT (UTC+4)
Postal code 6700
Telephone code (+994) 36

Babek or Babak (Azerbaijani: Babək) is a rayon of Azerbaijan in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. It was formerly known as Nakhchivan District (till 1978). The district named in honour of Babak Khorramdin, who led a 23-year-long uprising against the Abbasid Caliphate in Azerbaijan and Iran.

Since June 9, 2009, by the decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Bulqan, Garachug, Garaxanbeyli, Tumbul and Haciniyyət villages of the Babek Rayon are included in the scope of the administrative territorial unit of Nakhchivan city.[1]

On the November 28, 2014, by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, the Nahajir and Goynuk villages of the Julfa Rayon were liquidated and added to the administrative territory of the Babek Rayon.[2]

In 2015, by decree of President of Azerbaijan Republic, Goshadize village was liquidated and added into the administrative territory of the city of Babek.[3]

General Information[edit]

The Babek region was founded under the initiative of the National Leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev in 1978. Tezekend, located 6 km south-east from Nakhchivan, was determined as the center of the region and named the settlement Babek. Babek is a settlement of urban type. The region of Babek is bordered with the regions Kangarli in the west, Shahbuz in north-east and Julfa in the east, The Islamic Republic of Iran in the South and Armenia in the north-east.[4]

Nature and Geography[edit]

The south mountain foot of the chain Daralayaz in the north, the hills and highlands the tail of mountain Zangazur in the south-east, Nakhchivan slanting plain in the south and Gulustan plain in the south east make the relief of the region. The highest peak is the mountain Buzgov (2475). The territory of the region Babek is rich in minerals, such as stone, salt and building materials. The mineral springs Sirab, Vaykhir, Jahri, Gahab and others are also found in this region. The main rivers of the region are Nakhchivanchay which divides the territory of the administrative region and its flow Jehrichay. They play important role in irrigation. One can also find in the region reservoir of Araz Water Junction, also reservoirs Uzunoba, Nehram, Sirab, Jahri and Gahab and irrigation canals.


Coordinates: 39°09′N 45°26′E / 39.150°N 45.433°E / 39.150; 45.433