Bab Qinnasrin

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Bab Qinnasrin

Bab Qinnasrin (Arabic: باب قنسرين‎‎, Gate of Qinnasrin) is one of the gates of the medieval Old City of Aleppo in northern Syria. In its present form, it dates to 1256.


The gate was originally built by the Hamdanid ruler Sayf al-Dawla in 964, and fitted with the doors of the gate of Amorium, taken as spoils by Caliph al-Mu'tasim after his sack of the city in 838. Al-Mu'tasim installed them at the entrance of his palace in Samarra, until they were taken, probably towards the end of the 9th century, and installed at Raqqa, whence Sayf al-Dawla in turn took them.[1]


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Coordinates: 36°11′40″N 37°9′20″E / 36.19444°N 37.15556°E / 36.19444; 37.15556