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Bāb Al Saghīr Cemetery

Bāb Saghīr (Arabic: باب الصغير‎‎), also called "Goristan-e-Ghariban", is one of the seven gates of the old city of Damascus. It also refers to an ancient cemetery and street in Damascus, Syria, with tombs on either side of the road. It is located in the Dimashq neighborhood, southwest of Umayyad Mosque. The gate was initially built by the Arameans, then it was dedicated to Zeus during the Seleucid era.

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The following tombs are also found within this cemetery, however these are empty graves created for the purpose of ziyarah. The actual graves are at Jannatul Baqee', in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

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Coordinates: 33°30′22″N 36°18′23″E / 33.50611°N 36.30639°E / 33.50611; 36.30639