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Baba and similar words may refer to:



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Non-English words and titles for people[edit]

  • "baba", a familiar term for "father" in many languages - see Mama and papa
  • "baba", a word connoting "man" in English, used by some members of the Straits Chinese communities of the Malay Archipelago, who are also referred to as the "Baba-Nyonya" ("nyonya" translating as "woman")
  • Baba (Slavic word), a common word for female in Slavic languages, sometimes also used for older women
  • Baba (honorific), an honorific used in several South Asian and Middle Eastern cultures
  • Baba (Alevism), an Alevi religious leader


  • Baba (name), people with the given name or surname
  • Baba clan, a Japanese samurai family that was associated with Kai Province
  • Sanjay Dutt (born 1959), also known as Baba, Indian film actor and producer
  • A nickname for Raila Odinga (born 1945), Kenyan politician and 2nd Prime Minister of Kenya (2008–2013)

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