Baba Buddha

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Baba Buddha ji
Guru Arjun Dev being pronounced fifth guru.jpg
Baba Buddha coronating the fifth guru
Born 6 October 1506
Amritsar, India
Died 8 September 1631(1631-09-08) (aged 124)
Ramdas Village
Years active 1506-1631
Known for Early figure of Sikhism
Parent(s) Bhai Sukha Randhava, Mai Gauran

Baba Buddha ji (6 October 1506 – 8 September 1631) was a prime figure in early Sikhism. He was one of the earliest disciples of Guru Nanak. He performed the formal coronation ceremonies of 5 Sikh gurus, till Guru Hargobind. It is said that in his childhood, he was blessed with a long life by Guru Nanak, who named him as Buddha (meaning - Old/Aged Man) after he was amused by his mature queries related to spirituality at such a tyoung age.[citation needed] While the English spelling is same, the word Buddha here is different than Gautam Buddha of Buddhism. With Baba Buddha Ji, "d" in the word Buddha is pronounced as it is, while with Gautam Buddha, "d" is pronounced with tongue touching the teeth (prononced like "the").


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