Baba Dharam Dass

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Baba Dharam Dass holy man during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The Baba Dharam Dass is worshiped as ancestor by all Jains from the village of Pasrur in Sialkot District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Baba Dharam Dass[edit]

Baba Dharam Dass is a holy man whose Tomb is located near the bank of a creek called (Deoka or Deokay or Degh) near Chawinda phatic back side of agricultural main office pasrur, the town of Pasrur near Sialkot in Punjab province of Pakistan.

Baba Dharam Dass is the ancestor of all Jains who hail from Pasrur. Most Jains revere and worship him during important birth and other ceremonies in their families.{[1]}

Baba Dharam Dass retained his profession as a clothes merchant. He was murdered in a nearby village while selling his goods from a horse.

Descendents of Baba Dharam Dass emigrated to India from Pakistan in 1947. Unable to travel back to Pasrur to perform important rituals on the tomb of Baba Dharam Dass, they have created two replicas of his tomb, one in the town of Meerut near Delhi and other in Ludhiana in Indian Punjab.{[2]}


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