Baba Fakruddin

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Syedna Khwaja Baba Fakhruddin Suharwardy
Mazar Baba Fakhruddin in Penukonda Anantapur.jpg
Shrine of Baba Fakhruddin
Other namesBaba Fakhruddin
ReligionIslam, specifically the Suhrawardiyya Sufi order
Other namesBaba Fakhruddin
Senior posting
Based inPenukonda
Period in office12th century
PredecessorNathar Vali

Baba Fakhruddin Suharwardy was a Sufi saint who lived in the 12th century.

Before coming to Penukonda, he was a king of Sistan and Shahpur in Iran.[1] His disciples knew him as a true follower of Islam who renounced the world for the sake of Allah. His Murshid (spiritual guide) was Tabr-e-Aalam Baadshah Nathar Vali, who himself was a king who also had renounced the world in a place called Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu). After serving for several years at his Murshid's command, Baba Fakruddin left for Penukonda in order to preach.[citation needed]

He is commonly known as Babaiah in India and his name has been taken by many men over the centuries due to a widespread popular respect for his legend. Today, his mausoleum is located in Penukonda, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.


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