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Baba Keenaram Sthal or Baba Keenaram Sthal-Kreem Kund is a world fame spiritual center and headquarters/pilgrim of Aghora sect. across world, situated at Ravindrapuri in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh, India. The Krim-Kund (Baba Keenaram Sthal) is believed to be the meeting ground of two thoughts-streams-Kailashi & Girnari tradition and stands for oneness of all sects viz., Shavishm, Vaishnavism and Shakta.

The site is the location of the tomb, known as the Samadhi, of Baba Keenaram jee. Though the site is known as the work place of the great saint Baba Keenaram (born 1601), it is believed to be thousands of years old. It is regarded as the headquarters of and pilgrimage site for followers of Aghora. It is respected by Hindus also as many people believe that Baba Keenaram was one of the incarnation of the Lord Shiva.This place is one of the most visiting places of Varanasi, by devotees, research scholars, documentary makers and spiritual teachers. The present Peethadheeshwer (Abbot) of Baba Keenaram Sthal, since 1978, is Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram.

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