Babadağ, Denizli

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Babadağ is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 37°48′31.68″N 28°51′24.32″E / 37.8088000°N 28.8567556°E / 37.8088000; 28.8567556Coordinates: 37°48′31.68″N 28°51′24.32″E / 37.8088000°N 28.8567556°E / 37.8088000; 28.8567556
Country Turkey
Province Denizli
 • Mayor Ahmet Yümsek (MHP)
 • Kaymakam Mahmut Hersanlıoğlu
 • District 179.59 km2 (69.34 sq mi)
Population (2012)[2]
 • Urban 3,386
 • District 6,848
 • District density 38/km2 (99/sq mi)
Post code 20480

Babadağ, formerly Kadıköy, is a highland town and district of Denizli Province in the Aegean region of Turkey, reached by a steep, winding road uphill from the town of Sarayköy. It was known in antiquity as Salbacos.

Agriculture is hard on this mountainside and thus the people have been making a living from stitching clothing in Babadağ for a long time, and others have migrated to Denizli, İzmir and Istanbul. Thus this is the hometown of many of Denizli's successful traders and textile entrepreneurs. Babadağ dollar is Denizli slang for the expression my word is my bond. There are still active workshops in the town, which is also a popular mountain summer holiday location.

Notable natives[edit]


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