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Babaria / Bawaria / Bavaria are a Rajput clan found mainly in the Indian state of Gujarat.[1][2]

Babaria claim descent from the Soomra Dynasty of Sindh, who migrated and remained Hindu unlike other Soomras (a branch of Yaduvanshi Ahirs) who, converted to Islam.[2]

Babarias have strong association with the Kathi tribe and Ahirs of Gujarat.[citation needed] Further, they had matrimonial relations with Solanki Rajputs of Diu.[citation needed] At the time of the immigration of Kathis to Kathiawar, Babarias were already settled in an area that was named Babariawad after them. But they were soon driven out of Thangadh and reduced to minority landholders.[citation needed]

The Ahirs give their daughter in marriage to Babarias and Babarias give their daughters to Kathis. Kathis generally do not give their daughters to Babarias unless the Babaria family is wealthy. Babarias consist of 72 clan surnames.[citation needed]

Babaria Kathis[edit]

There is also a caste called Babaria Kathis, which have arisen from marriages between Babaria Rajputs and Kathi Darbars and have clan surnames like Kotila, Varu, and Dhankhada.[3]


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