Babbage (film)

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Charles Babbage 1860.jpg
Directed by Claire Barker
Produced by Trevor Hughes
Written by Claire Barker
Eamon Wyse
Starring Steve Payne
Cinematography Trevor Hughes
Edited by Claire Barker
Trevor Hughes
Release date
Running time
15 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Babbage is a short film, made in 2008, about the Victorian computing pioneer Charles Babbage.[1] It was shown at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.[2]

The film is set at a dinner party in early Victorian times, with Charles Babbage introducing each of the guests, who discuss Babbage's life and work. Babbage then reveals that these are just fragmented memories and many of the guests never actually met.

The film was directed by Claire Barker.[3] The screen writer was Eamon Wyse,[4] based on a story by the director. The executive producer was Trevor Hughes, who was also responsible for the cinematography.[5] Claire Barker and Trevor Hughes jointly undertook casting, production design, and film editing. Jon Chilton[6] was the music consultant for the film.

Charles Babbage was acted by Steve Payne.[7] Other characters at the dinner party include Georgiana Babbage (his wife), Sir John Herschel ("John Hershal"), and Ada Lovelace.

Babbage was filmed in Hammersmith, London.[1]


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