Babble (band)

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Origin UK
Auckland, New Zealand
Genres Electronica, world beat, alternative dance, club music
Years active 1993–1996
Labels Reprise/Warner Bros. Records
Associated acts Thompson Twins, International Observer
Past members Tom Bailey
Alannah Currie
Keith Fernley

Babble was a British-New Zealand electronic dance music group that featured Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie (formerly of the Thompson Twins), with Keith Fernley.[1] The Thompson Twins changed its name during the time the duo changed the outward appearance of its sound from pop to dub-influenced chill-out.[2]


With the Thompson Twins' commercial success declining during the mid-to-late 1980s, Currie and Bailey relocated to Currie's native New Zealand and decided to form a new group with Fernley in 1993, who had worked primarily with the duo as an engineer and mixer on the 1989 album Big Trash,[3] and producer on the 1991 album Queer.[4]

Babble first recorded the non-album song "Chale Jao" for the soundtrack of the 1993 film Coneheads.[5] The band's first release was the promotional single "Tribe" during 1993 in America only.[6] The song was also featured as part of the soundtrack of the 1994 dramedy film With Honors.[7] In March 1994, the group released the album The Stone.[8] it was released in the USA, Canada, and Germany on Reprise Records.[9] The Stone spawned two singles aside from "Tribe," the first being "Take Me Away," which peaked at #18 on the American Billboard Dance Music/Club Play Singles.[10][11] The band's only music video was released for the single.[12] The second single, "Beautiful," failed to replicate the success and didn't make a chart appearance.[13]

In February 1996, the band released its second and final album, Ether.[14] The album saw one single release, "Love Has No Name," which peaked at #10 on the Dance Music/Club Play Singles.[11] Three-quarters of a third album was reportedly recorded, but it remains unreleased, and the band split. Both Bailey and Currie continued to live in New Zealand, where Currie effectively retired from music. Bailey and Currie divorced in 2003, and both left New Zealand to live separately in Britain, though they still remain close friends.





  • "Tribe" (1993)
  • "Take Me Away" (1994)
  • "Beautiful" (1994)
  • "Love Has No Name" (1996)


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