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The Babcock-Hart Award has been awarded since 1948 by the Institute of Food Technologists. It is given for significant contributions in food technology that resulted in public health through some aspects of nutrition. It was first named the Stephan M. Babcock Award after the agricultural chemist Stephen M. Babcock of the University of Wisconsin–Madison for his "single-grain experiment" of 1907–1911, but renamed the Babcock-Hart Award following the death of Babcock's colleague Edwin B. Hart in 1953.

Award winners receive a plaque from the International Life Sciences Institute-North America, headquartered in Washington, DC and a USD 3000 honorarium.


Year Winner
1948 Fred C. Blanck
1949 Clarence Birdseye
1950 Carl R. Fellers
1951 Samuel C. Prescott
1952 Fred W. Tanner
1953 Charles N. Frey
1954 Edwin J. Cameron
1955 William V. Cruess
1956 Gail M. Dack
1957 Elmer M. Nelson
1958 Bernard L. Oser
1959 Samuel Lepkovsky
1960 Arnold H. Johnson
1961 Emil M. Mrak
1962 V. Subrahmanyan
1963 Maynard A. Joslyn
1964 Robert R. Williams
1965 Tetsujiro Obara
1966 Roderick R. Eskew
1967 Wallace B. Van Arsdel
1968 Arthur I. Morgan, Jr.
1969 Samuel A. Goldblith
1970 Ricardo Bressani
1971 Hisateru Mitsuda
1972 James W. Pence
1973 Clinton O. Chichester
1974 Bernard S. Schweigert
1975 Donald K. Tressler
1976 Harold S. Olcott
1977 David B. Hand
1978 Award not given
1979 Robert H. Cotton
1980 Steven R. Tannenbaum
1981 Award not given
1982 John C. Ayres
1983 James R. Kirk
1984 Fergus M. Clydesdale
1985 G. Richard Jansen
1986 George N. Bookwalter
1987 John E. Kinsella
1988 Theodore P. Labuza
1989 Elmer H. Marth
1990 Award not given
1991 Sanford A. Miller
1992 Robert G. Cassens
1993 Mary K. Schmidl
1994 Fred R. Shank
1995 Mark A. Uebersax
1996 Benjamin A. Borenstein
1997 Connie M. Weaver
1998 Haile Mehansho
1999 John W. Erdman, Jr.
2000 George E. Inglett
2001 Paul A. Lachance
2002 Bill Helferich
2003 Chang Y. Lee
2004 Bruce A. Watkins
2005 Jonathan C. Allen
2006 Mary Ellen Camire
2007 Tung-Ching Lee
2008 Dennis Miller
2009 Stephen L. Taylor
2010 Levente Diosady
2011 Rui Hai Liu
2012 Richard Black
2013 Richard Mattes
2014 Fereidoon Shahidi
2015 D. Julian McClements