Babcock Electric Carriage Company

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Babcock Electric Carriage Company
Automobile Manufacturing
Industry Automotive
Genre Sedans, touring cars
Fate Merged with the Buffalo Electric Vehicle Company
Founded 1906
Founder Francis A Babcock
Defunct 1912
Headquarters Buffalo, New York, United States
Area served
United States
Products vehicles
Automotive parts
1909 Babcock

The Babcock Electric Carriage Company was an early 20th-century United States automobile company, making electric vehicles under the Babcock brand from 1906 through 1912.

The company was founded by and named after Francis A Babcock and based in Buffalo, New York. They offered a range of electric motocars at prices ranging from $ 1,800 to $3,800.

In 1912 Babcock merged with the Buffalo Electric Vehicle Company.

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