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Babetta 210

Babetta was a moped built in Czechoslovakia and commonly marketed under the Jawa name in other countries.

Originally the Babetta was conceived as lightweight moped to compete with the Solex moped which was popular during the 1960s. The first Babetta mopeds to see the light of day in 1970 featured very large 23-inch wheels, but these were soon swapped out in favour of smaller 16-inch wheels. The Babetta was notable for its electronic ignition — the first time a transistorized contactless ignition had been used in a moped.

The original Babetta 206 was joined by a "new" model, the 207 in 1975. The difference between the two models is that the 207 featured full suspension front and rear, whereas the 206 had a rigid frame.

In 1983 the original models were replaced by the new 210 model, which featured a new engine and optional two-speed transmission.

Maximum speed reached by the Babetta with its engine in mint condition is between 50-55 kilometres per hour.

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