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Babis Papadimitriou is a journalist, news analyst, economist and commentator who works in the Greek television Skai TV and radio station Skai 100.3 and every day presents a commentary on political happenings in the context of the evening news of SKY. He also works in the Greek newspaper Kathimerini. He was born in Athens in 1954. He graduated from the Fifth Gymnasium of Exarchia. He studied economics in Paris. He earned a degree in economics (Paris X - Nanterre, 1979) and then took post-graduate specialization in financial (Paris X - Nanterre, 1981) and newer economic history (Ecole des Hautes, Etudes et Sciences Sociales). As an economist, has worked with the Ministry of Finance (Greece) and with many banks like the Bank of Greece, Emporiki Bank and Eurobank EFG. Babis Papadimitriou has 2 daughters. Babis Papadimitriou has become recently popular for his daily media commentary about the Greek debt crisis [1][2][3][4] and he has become notorious for his support of the Greek austerity measures.[5]


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